My Hero Academia in general doesnt really have much wrong with it. Its certainly not a bad show. But on the other hand its not really trying to be much either. Sometimes simple is best and in My heros case simple is well adequate. It doesnt really provide anything new or particularly noteworthy because it doesnt really need to. I think thats very clear from the huge popularity its received over the past five years with a large fanbase thats still growing to this day. But because it doesnt try to be anything more it can often feel flat and uninteresting with nothing new to provide. Many shonen even ones before My Hero have done things the show does but better. I would really like to stress that none of these are bad things. MHA tells the story of Izuku Midoriya aka Deku a nave boy without powers in a world where powers are commonplace with around 80 of people having abilities called Quirks. Ever since he was young he always looked up to professional heroes whose jobs are just what the name implies. His biggest inspiration is All Might and after the two meet Deku begins his journey to become a pro hero despite his setbacks and we see the obstacles he must overcome to achieve this. The way Quirks work is your standard power system where everyone is born with their own powers rather than being able to choose them with a few differences here and there such as three types of Quirks that are found. The boundaries of what Quirks can and cant do isnt really defined across the show which inevitably leads to some imbalanced distributions. This is somewhat by the way Quirks are distributed being passed on hereditarily which explains why some Quirks such as Todorokis are so incredibly broken. The characters are lively and likeable if also stereotypical and often lacking in depth. This can be seen in the protagonist Deku who is essentially the classic archetypal shonen protagonist. I found myself actively wanting him to succeed in his endeavours even if he didnt really stand out from other protagonists found in shonen in any way. MHA has taken clear inspiration from comic books and movies in the West not just other shonen and this is most clearly recognisable in the character designs. They strike a balance between style and function that leads to them looking sort of dorky in a good way. These are costumes for people who look at superheroes and want to be one too so the dorkiness fits almost perfectly. The colour schemes really pop off the screen in classic comic book fashion which looks even better when paired with the powers the characters possess. My Hero clearly has very high production quality. Its animation might not be on the level as Mob Psycho 100 or One Punch Man that released at a similar time but that shouldnt detract from how consistently above average it was. The character models were expressive and fulloflife with fun touches here and there to keep whats on screen interesting. The fight scenes in particular of course the fight scenes its a shonen looked spectacular and carried such impact not just visually but on an emotional level too. In fact the fight scenes were probably the best parts of the show All Mights in ep 12 was undoubtedly the peak of the season. Another above average aspect was the soundtrack that went almost flawlessly with the animation especially the more exciting moments. Without the great animation and soundtrack I doubt the show would have been as enjoyable as it was. My Hero Academia is an average show but thats the appeal of it and what makes it also a good show. I think a base average score of 50 would be fitting but the production quality and enjoyability of the show are enough to pull it up just a little bit. Its a show that has an understandable amount of popularity it checks all the boxes for a big shonen. And also dont hate it because of misconceptions over the fanbase thats kind of silly.
54 /100
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