Before I start my review of Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai let me say one thing: I love demon girls. Demon girls are the ultimate type and not just because theyre hot as hell. Although demons usually are coldblooded bloodthirsting devilish creatures they might show a softer side if you put girl together. Demon girls are violent cold lustful and an optional amount of crazy but they still are girls therefore they want to go on dates receive love and live a romantic story. Of course not all girls are girlish many demon girls are devils that will rip your face off but that definitely aint a problem cause the bad girls are hot too. Plus this unpredictability is part of the fun Will you be able to bring out the best of your demon girlfriend? Or will you end up brutally murdered and torn into pieces? I dont consider myself kinky but if I were to have a kink it would probably be demon girls. Actually I think I DO have a kink. Look my love for demon girls is so massive I wrote a short poem: Demon girls are the best The horns the wings the tail I might just be obsessed Demon girls never fail You see? These bad girls not only can have a great personality but they also have amazing physical attributes and quirks. Their body type or apparent age are totally optional yet theyll always have something fun like a tail or wings you can pull or horns you can grab. And if you are too rough they can fight back with their long nails or even claws and fangs Playing with demon girls sure is dangerous however the enjoyment is unfathomable I might have overtalked my deep love for demon girls here but I cant help myself I love em so much I have 15 wallpapers of demon girls that rotate on my phone Im not going to heaven am I? I cant even pretend Im bothered by that. Now lets just JUMP into it. Story: 4/10 The writer of this deadass looked at Luciferfallen archangel and lord of the underworld corrupting the mortal realm and gathering strengths so he can go allout against Heavenand thought to himself but can I put my dick in it? It kinda follows Christian mythology Lucifer falling from the sky and yada yada but in a modern setting. Lucifer then has to fight against some demon girls to dethrone them and become Queen Demon or whatever. Dont expect many actual fights though instead theres a Miami beach episode idols videogames Not exactly what youd expect from an anime called Seven Mortal Sins. The story is simple yet enjoyable. It kinda has an episodic structure for the first 8 episodes and they are very fun with lots of yummy fanservice poor Maria she suffers so much. Each episode is different but they arent really original because they rely on ecchi tropes. But hey thats why were here right? You know acid that only burns ones clothing slime little sexual harassment here and there Pussy torture The story gets more straightforward and trashy during the last episodes with some epic fights. The ending COULD be good but they tried too hard and made some ass pulls. If they were more over the top lets say like Kill la Kill it would be more enjoyable and memorable. Art: 4/10 The demon girls alone are 8/10 10 if they had wings and the other things I mentioned earlier theyre thicc with a very nice artstyle and designs except for Belial and uncensored titties. Backgrounds vary from meh to horrible. Animation is not that great but it is not too jarring to look at as there isnt really that much to animate other than tits n ass and they nailed that. The fights in the first episode were pretty good but the rest was very stiff. Apparently the source material is just figurines and DAMN they look GOOD. Its the first time I hear about such thing getting an anime its quite impressive. I probably shouldnt review them here 1because figurines are not anime and 2because I dont have any but I just want to say I would buy them if I could. I am sinning greed right now Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai figurines are gorgeous the colors are bright the poses are sexy the details are dazzling and the shading emphasizes their thickness Ah one more thing added to my list of embarrassing things I want to buy once I become an adult and dont have to ask for money to my parents. Sound: 4/10 The girls voices are hot. Okay soundtrack I guess I was too focused on all the moaning so I barely noticed it. There are some vocal tracks that are stupid but fun to listen to. OP and ED are okay I didnt skip the ED once but that has nothing to do with the music. Characters: 6/10 Theres no wimpy male protagonist cause there are no males Remember when I asked whether one could put their dick in it? Well there are no dicks which honestly makes it better. Instead theres lots of girl on girl action so much it made me wish I was a lesbian girl. Actually I had always wished that and they are perfectly executed. There are 11 different pussies except for 2 each pussy represents one of the seven capital sins no I did not get my maths wrong yet theres still more to it. Some of the pussies are deeper and better developed than youd expect for an ecchi. Lucifer and Astaroth are best grils but the all of them are good. My only complaint is that Maria could be better developed she used to work for the church but didnt seem too bothered hanging out with Lucifer and other demon girls. Enjoyment: /10 I have a fetish.
100 /100
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