Look I get it: thats a weird title and does not sound appealing at ALL I thought. But I kept seeing it mentioned as a good series that people were enjoying and so I though sure I will give the potty anime a try. Good thing I did Turns out it references a Japanese ghost story Hanakosan/Hanako of the toilet Wikipedia linkhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanakosan. In this anime theres a rumor that if you go to a particular bathroom and say her name three times Hanakosan might appear and grant your wish. When occultloving Nene does so in hopes of getting her crush to notice her she discovers that Hanako is a boy There are some Shenanigans and Nene is linked to Hanako. Now she helps him handle supernatural problems that pop up in the school. Look the only flaw in this series is that its only 12 episodes. If a second season isnt made I WILL RIOT. Theres reason for hope: this is a 2020 series so it only just wrapped the first season last year as I type and the manga is ongoing and being released in English both digitally and in print. I hope that in the next few years we get news of a second season. The first thing youll notice about the anime is how visually stunning it is. Its a distinct often rounded style of drawing that makes its high school characters look about 10 years old. But hey its consistent across the board. After character designs the colors Bright warm rich colors abound. I cant think of another series Ive seen that comes close to the gorgeous eyecandy of this one. I also loved how it frequently it overlaid panels like a manga. Sometimes for comedic effect sometimes just to show a change in expression. Combine that with the colorsI swear they mustve added a subtle texture because so often theres an aspect to the animation colors that looks like it was colored with markersand it feels like a manga come to life. But beyond the visuals the story itself is really fun. Hanako is in charge of keeping supernatural things in line at the school which is positively bursting with spirits so Nene as his helper gets drawn in. Hanako himself is mystery: Kind dangerous silly strict gentle all in turn. Hes the leader of school spirits with a lot of responsibility. Hes also the ghost of a child murderer. He is extremely reluctant to let Nene get close or to explain his past. I watched the Japanese so I can say that his voice actress Megumi Ogata is amazing able to portray his different aspects and moods while keeping it all the same person. If Megumi Ogatas name is familiar to you shes been the voice of a bunch of popular characters including Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho Haruka/Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon and Yukito/Yue in Cardcaptor Sakura. The story is a good mix of supernatural one and twoshot adventures and Nene and eventual thirdparty member Kou getting closer to Hanako and starting to understand his past and his personality better. Overall I was just immersed in this show like I havent been in a long time. Its so charming so funny so much action and adventure. I am desperate for more and will probably rewatch the entire season pretty soon. Verdict English dub? Yes Visuals: Holy crap I love them SO MUCH. Its so visually distinct. Worth watching? Yes. So much. Yes.
91 /100
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