SPOILERS BEWARE This movie I was eagerly anticipating since I found out about its existence after finishing the OVA two years ago but it just didnt really deliver on a very high level there is quite a lot of dialogue in the movie compared to the anime and although that isnt exactly bad I was certainly missing the chaotic nature of Haifuri for major parts of the movie its not until the later parts of the movie that we finally go back to the chaotic nature of this show and thats what was most enjoyable for me in the anime sadly there wasnt much of that here in the movie. It was certainly much slower paced than the anime but oddly enough the time of the movie flew by pretty fast however that doesnt change the fact that the movie seemed pretty drawn out for me now that I look back at it. I cant even say that I had any particular exceptionally high expectations for the movie all I wanted to see is more of what the anime did and we do get to see that but its only really the last 30 mins of the movie rest is pretty dialogue heavy which is fine if you want to learn the lore but here I came just for the goods I just wanted to see more action with warships piloted by cute anime girls going at each other but theres hardly any of that the only thing that comes close to that is the very last infiltration of the factory which fair enough was more like the Haifuri I know. I was also very pleased and hyped to hear the legendary OP back and when the OP plays mid episode/movie you know shits gonna go down and finally the anticipated parts of the movie came but I had to wait quite long just to experience them again. Aside from this infiltration the other infiltration that occurs before this one is the only other memorable thing from the movie for me and I all gotta say is that Shiros sister is scaryshes got some moves lol its these two infiltrations right at the end of the movie that are really the only memorable things I take away from this movie and there is not much else to it sadly so I was left kinda disappointed since I expected more following up how much I enjoyed the anime for its own charm that it gave off. Besides what I covered there really isnt much more for me to cover besides the fact that my subs were kinda iffy but I cant fault the anime for that this sometimes happens when I want to watch something ASAP after its release but I could still understand them more or less even if there were some grammar issues here and there so overall the Haifuri movie was kind of a disappointment for me since it really doesnt add much to what the anime already offers I did mention in my anime review that the concept of Haifuri is pretty much the same that just involves warships blasting at each other and this is what I loved Haifuri for but the movie offers the bear minimum and quite a lot of dialogue which I cant really remember much of since it didnt really play that much role in the end. The movie is still okay but this movie is a shadow of itself for what it offers compared to the anime the new content was great but I would have loved to see even more now I dont know if this is the end of Haifuri but if there ever will be a sequel then I hope they go back to their roots and make it more like the anime less dialogue and just more action since thats the Haifuri I fell in love with. If you are a Haifuri fan then definitely still check out this movie but dont expect the same level as the anime since it really doesnt compare to the anime at all.
65 /100
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