Hello Guys i had some time wanting to talk about this one. A lot of people knows about Redline and His director Takeshi Koike but most if not almost no one seems know about this hidden gem that was the precursor to one of the best anime films ever created. To start with this What is Trava Fist planet?? It is basically is a sort of prequel to Redline in which the story revolves around the desventures of Trava and Shinkai in an unknow planet. This was originally supposed to be a series. It has a 5th chapter that is a preview of the next episode after the events of the OVA where after entering on their first Fist Planet competition they encounter Mikuru and Reiter who got augmented even more. After getting heated in a discusion trava and reiter Start fighting in the background arena while each mechanic helps his partner trying to demostrate who is the best one. The drawing style and animation of this preview chapter is extremelly similar to Redline more than the show we are going to talk about now. Trava and Reiter figthing Episode 5 400https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/877286706347388939/877286779282133113/121s2s1ss.png This OVA was made by most of the people that worked on Redline and the pilot Takeshi Koike is the director too and if i am not wrong this is one of his first jobs in anime. Almost all of the animation is hand drawn so take that into consideration. Original DVD that contains the 4 parts and comes with special figures 400https://m.mediaamazon.com/images/I/91xX6BrhlBL.SL1500.jpg SPOILERS AHEAD Story: The pair wants to enter the fight tournament Fist Planet where Power users like Trava fight for a big prize but in order to do it they need a lot of money. To get it they work mapping unknow planets for a monetary reward. Both end up traveling to a dangerous and unknow planet. On their way they find a stranded Capsule in wich Mikuru a girl with amnesia was on. After that she decides to acompany them on their journey to the planet while trying to discover who she is in reality. They land of the planet in a really accidented way and after that a lot whacky stuff happens. They end up meeting with Reiter a giant from a mithical race from which Mikuru happens to be their princess. Nontheless the planet is under the danger of a ancient mad man who used to be a genius but now has become a mad mega robot who at the end of the show gets beaten by the combined efforts of both Trava and Reiter. They part to separate ways having saved the planet. Art and visuals: We can see a lot of the early artistic design and visuals that were going to end being used in Redline in this 4 parths OVA. Really cartoony looking with lots of movements each character is easily distinguisheable from of each other. Trava and Shinkai on their space ship 400https://i.yt.com/vi/ZwQSfqytA7g/maxresdefault.jpg This show has some really relaxing moments the voice acting was made in a way that sounds like the characters were kind of asleep and they talk in a relaxed matter most of the time with exception in tha action sequences ofc. Music: The music is ok is not one of the strong characteristics of this one but it does his job. World Building: This has to be one of the aspects i most love about this show and his succesor Redline. The wacky and really interesting sci fi universe of both works its filled with silly stuff interesting gadgets there is like a divice which you can use to share your memories with others and unique ambients/planets alien races and creatures. Trava and Shinkai are really unique looking characters. Trava fishing 400https://64.media.tumblr.com/57fdb4e2b2e433b262665ea7299ceb72/cf011f97587267a80a/s640x960/d4ece2cd89ddaf73a5ea1ba101a4b906457c7ea8.png Comedy: The comedy is simple yet entertaining it relies more in the kind of silly but funny friendship betwen Trava and Shinkai. It is kind of similar to other shows like Dead Leaves and Space Dandy of which I am a big fan of. Shinkai and trava enjoy a break 400https://64.media.tumblr.com/e87c4427cd25fd17856350b2acd2f349/cf011f97587267a81e/s1280x1920/0d52a9f139dc745a378a6ee58e7d1cfc9a2534aa.png Conclusion: This is a really interesting and funny 45 minutes watch in which you can see the original concepts from where Redline originated from soo if you consider yourself a Redline fan or enjoy any of the shows i mentioned previusly. This is a must watch and something you should totally check its really easy to find online too Give a check to the Redlines Pilot is just 5 minutes long has a great music/animation and is easy to find online If you have Any Recomendations suggestions to improve stuff i missed or thoughts leave me a comment i will gladly hear it out. Consider dropping a follow if you liked this review and you like the stuff i talk about 500https://res.cloudinary.com/enjoymovie/image/upload/w2048h640cfillgauto:facesfauto/eoaqqssekryfj3s5sgci.jpg Stay safe everyone
80 /100
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