This is my first review so bare with me Overrated clich rubbish. Those are the first words that come to mind when I think of Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia. First lets start off with the plot/story. This has to be literally one of the MOST clich plots Ive ever seen in an anime. This story is taking place in a world where quirks are a thing and majority of people have their own quirk and theyre also heros and villains. Izuku Midoriya dreams of becoming a hero despite having no quirk whatsoever and consistently being bullied for being quirkless and his dreams mostly by his childhood Katsuki Bakugo. Where then Midoriya meets All Might the famous hero everyone looks up to including Midoriya. All Might passes on his quirk to him. Thats pretty lame to be honest. It would have been better to see Midoriya working hard to get his own quirk or whatever than him getting the same quirk as someone. They do the same thing in this anime. The students go to school train and fight villains. Thats basically it. To sum it up its your basic shounen plot its repetitive and dull. The characters are definitely one of my biggest disappointments mostly everything is a disappointment in here. Characters to me are a big part for an anime. Midoriya is such a damn wuss and a crybaby. Hes nice to EVERYONE even to the people who bully him or make fun of him and he can never defend himself or anyone to say. One second hes whining the next hes super serious and has this presence to him. Its just so unrealistic and makes no sense at all. Bakugo is just your typical bully he screams 24/7 hes full of himself and when he doesnt win a battle for example he starts yelling and throwing a tantrum. I dont get why a lot of people simp for someone whos so childish and dumb. Their quirks dont even stand out or anything theres nothing nice about them and theyre just boring. They added so much unnecessary characters in here and give them so much screen time for what?? They all dont contribute to the plot and make it more entertaining or whatever they have no impact. The only people who should have the screen time are the main characters not every single supporting character?? The art is by no means anything bad nor good to make it stand out or appealing. The backgrounds are horrible to say the least. Its so bland and has no charm. The animation is the same. Theres nothing special about it there are some times where the animation is off. The character designs are so funnylooking and stupid to the point where its almost laughable. Their color schemes suck and sometimes Ill look at Bakugos color scheme and itll slightly remind me of diarrhea. Bakugo looks like he has these 2 stone bricks around his neck and a turtle shell that starts at his forearm and ends at his hands?? It reminds me of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Bakugos design is by far the most childish and stupid looking. Not to mention Midoriya also has a funky fit? No surprise Midoriyas hero outfit in the first season with that mask and weird looking ears I died of embarrassment when I saw that. The music for the opening wasnt anything nice or at least it wasnt anything memorable or something you can vibe too naturally. The ending music sucked it was boring and kind of flat. The voice acting was okay too nothing stood out about the VA some parts were good and you can tell they put more emotion in it. Overall Boku no Hero Academia sucked. Its super overrated and lacked a lot of things. Was this show enjoyable for me? Surprisingly some parts yes. Only for a few moments tho. Was this show for me? Definitely not. Do I recommend this? No. If youre a huge shounen fan and want to watch something clich stupid and funny then youll probably enjoy this.
35 /100
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