This is one of my favorite manga series. I honestly enjoy reading it. The concept was interesting a summoned hero sent not to fight but rather rebuild a kingdom and lead a revolution. The story is set in another world in an era closer to medieval times. And with swords and magic also involved. The main character is an individual that approaches things with realistic views on them. He likes history and economics which is the reason behind his extensive knowledge regarding politics war and economics. Using his knowledge and together with loyal aides he starts a revolution starting from the kingdom. I was really excited hearing it was getting an anime adaptation but all those excitement died down seeing the very first episode. The anime was poorly executed. A lot of minor details which make the story interesting and informative were not included. The series of events happens way too fast. There was a lot of thing happening within and behind the scene that wasnt tackled in the anime or at the very least explained. The characters were poorly portrayed making them uninteresting and lacking. If I am to describe the character design the right would be normal. There is nothing that makes it stands out like some other series. I have read some reviews saying the characters were forgettable I hate to say it but that is true unless you already knew the series from another source. The animation isnt bad but its great either. The few fight scenes were either made too short too poorly and lack an actual action to them. It doesnt give you a feeling of a fight between nations or cities. It doesnt even give you a feeling of a satisfying fight. I understand the budget required to make an anime is huge. But overall they could have done it better. Its such a waste destroying a series that has potential by making it poorly. It makes me think that rather than making something just to destroy it. It would have been better not to. I still watch the anime since Im a bit biased when it comes to my favorites. I give it chance until the very last moment. But most likely this will never get a second season seeing how it was done. Is it worth watching? It depends on your anime preference. But I do recommend it if you like watching some chill series or something that doesnt require too much thinking and emotion involved At least on this anime adaption. If you want to dive deeper into the story and characters you could check the manga and the light novel. This is all based on my personal opinion regarding the anime adaptation. How you feel about it may and may not differ from mine. And that will be all. Thank you for your time. Harthlock
50 /100
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