This is my first time reviewing an anime so im gonna try my best. So megamiryou is a new ecchi anime that was airing recently the summer of 2021 and Im sure the only ecchi anime this season. So the plot is pretty simple to understand for me. Theres a young middle school boy who his house got burnt to crisp. Then he got no place to stay and suddenly found out about a college girls dormitory who apparently need a dorm mother and famously known for their weird household. Desperate to have a place to live he joined the household without any peoples concern and warmly welcomed by the girls. Im gonna went through my favourite characters. First we got Atena who the newest member of the dormitory. She apparently spent her whole life surrounded by girls from school days to college so he got some problems when facing men where she got easily uncomfortable and even stuttered to speak. Shes the kind of character who very lovely with the others and probably the only one with normal thinking and hated when other girls do ecchi things to Koushi. And I think shes great. As the anime progress she started to get comfortable with Kouchi and wanted a brothersister relationship with him. The arc about her with Kouchi where shes trying to blend in with men feel very wholesome. Then we have Freysan a cospayfanatic sister who love doing ecchi stuff with Kouchi. Shes might be my 3rd favourite girl. I find that shes very funny when interacting with other characters and felt kinda pale when shes off screen. The arcabout her and kouchi also very good the conversation with him really has an impact on me and very well organized. Then we got Sutea. This one a little controversial actually Ive noticed that many people dont really like her because shes annoying and always spoil up the mood. And I think thats what made her fun. Her annoyance for me bring balance to the character and add up the humor element even more to the story. And plus her relationship with Kouchi is very sweet and wholesome. Sutea actually cant handle other persons heat so she has to avoid any contact with other person other than Kouchi. The scene where Kouchi tried to maintain her heat was very adorable. The pacing of this anime also is well organized. the total episodes is only 10 but they somehow managed to squeeze everything up and it didnt felt rush at all. We got some balance moments where mcs spent time with each characters and some of their past. Not to mention that the comedy is gold as well. I didnt watch that many ecchi anime but this one really hook me up not just because of the fan service but the story and humor which actually really funny. Of course in ecchi anime theres a lot unnecessary timing of fanservice but this one here is completely stable and well timed. the animation also really good the artist drew the fanservice part really well and very detailed so kudos to the animators for putting a lot of effort on it. I get that people get uncomfortable that the fact its involved minors but you know my opinion is as long as he happy and have a very wholesome moments with others then its alright. thats why I stated that its not for everyone. Some people actually get easily disturbed with it but as for me its fine and alright. Lastly its an excellent wholesome anime for ecchi genre with great and enjoyable characters with adorable bonding. I rate it 9/10. And it doesnt have like a heavy plot or a twist or anything so its good for someone who want to see some anime titties and something hilarious while relaxing.
93 /100
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