Null Peta is a short just over an hour long series of ONAs depicting the life of Null a genius inventor who has recently lost her beloved big sister. To get over her grief she puts her intelligence to use and rebuilds her sister from memory only... shes a little different now. I went into this expecting nothing with a 6.39 average on MAL and a 61 mean average on AL what is there to expect? As usual the ratings mean nothing :p Null Peta was a huge surprise I had it tabbed for a while and one day in august just watched it on a whim expecting something like Mangirl or Aiura in terms of quality and content. I adore this show firstly it has an incredible soundtrack and OP considering its runtime and popularity the animation is solid and better than most seasonal anime nowadays probably due to its short runtime tbf it is hilarious and cute and at times made me cry like a baby. Watching how Null Peta interact with each other every episode is beautiful their sibling relationship is comprised of a big sister who cares for and protects her little sister presumably because the parents are not present/ able to and it is really fun to see how the episode director for JJBA3 Cells at Work managed to make a show nothing like either of them. 10/10 is not a rating I give out often but I think this show absolutely deserves it. The opening brings me joy every time it plays the characters are memorable and adorable and this show made me bawl my eyes out on the first watch. The directing is brilliant no complaints here. The soundtrack is noticable meaning its already better than 90 of high budget shows and the scifi vibe that it gives is really cool and fitting. The concept alone is incredible but where they take it in such a short time is even better. The voice acting is well done Reina Ueda Azumi Waki mustve had alot of fun doing this one Maki Yamamoto has a really pleasant voice too shame she hasnt acted in anything else. What seemed like a cute little project became one of my most precious experiences. 320 Brief Very Spoiler Heavy Summary 520
100 /100
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