I started this series on a whim it was in my plan to watch and I didnt remember why it was there. But fairly quickly it started to turn out to be a good idea to watch this. To start Survive is about a group of seven kids who on a routine class trip get stuck on an uninhabited planet and must survive until they can find a way to get off the planet. What follows is a story about not only survival but growing up in the process. What stands out in this series is not the cast in fact you could trim the cast and the story would still carry on the exact same. Its their actions as a whole that make this series stand out. Their resourcefulness when it counts is what makes this stand out from other series with a similar premise. Early on you see them getting down to basics starting a fire finding a steady source of food and water even eventually building a home using parts of their crashed spaceship. As the series progresses you start to learn more about our cast and they do begin to mature as it tends to happen in these kinds of shows. Visually the animation doesnt really stand out its a typical early 2000s anime its around the time that the transition to digital started happening and more studios jumped on board. This isnt to say the animation is bad by no means but it doesnt stand out in anyway. The lack of detail doesnt help it but the art style in general isnt that great to be honest. The OST however is great and is quite possibly the best part of the series overall. On the negative side however the cast is a problem. Specifically Howard hes useless. He could be erased from the story and the only thing that would change is that the rest of the cast would pull their weight. In fact hes by far one of the worst parts of the series due to his little contributions. Couple this with the fact its a 52 episode series meaning youre in for a slow burning story that doesnt really pick up until around the 30s. Survive is a series that while enjoyable should be enjoyed in short bursts due to the episode length the slow pacing and some of the characters downright being reasons to avoid the series. I feel this series doesnt do enough with the setting to make it worthwhile. We see very little wildlife its mostly the same three things alien elephantsthey call them Pague a giant crab and a giant snake which at the least remains a massive threat throughout most of the series. Overall I do I feel this is a series that should be watched once if just to say that you did at the very least. Theres nothing particularly good or bad about this show its average at best. Its not a bad thing but the concept has been done better by other series with shorter lengths. The ending however is great and caps off the series in a great way. Also Chako is best cat and literally the only reason they survived at all
55 /100
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