GAKUEN HANDSOME: THE BEST BL ROMANCE YOU WILL EVER SEE One day I was bored just looking for one more anime to watch and I came across one of the best anime if not the best Ive ever seen. I started it simply attracted by how sexy the men on the cover looked. The men on the cover: 220 The art that forms not only their pointed chin like a pencil with freshly drawn lead but also those revolutionarily beautiful hairstyles accompanied by those slender bodies and a simply unique school uniform design prevented me from ignoring this audiovisual work. STORY: 10/10 Throughout the anime the daily life of a series of ultra sexy men having their problems and fun and a simply unique comedy but also very dramatic moments that left me thinking for months or even years. CHARACTERS: 10/10 Im not going to contribute much here since I think that with a picture you can say more than enough and I already described the pleasure that these characters give me just by looking at them. Here I leave a picture so you can understand what I mean: 400 MUSIC: 10/10 The musical themes of this anime are simply unique both the opening and both endings that are here I will leave them: I must also say that some tears escaped me listening to the ending of the last chapter thinking about what the characters have had to suffer to get here just thinking about the melody even today makes me cry a little. REMARKS I wont lie after watching this anime the only thing I wanted to do was to die but not because the anime was bad nor because it had a crappy animation or horribly made characters or a nefariously bad music but because surely I wont see anything as perfect and great as this anime in the rest of my life and probably there will be no better anime until the earth explodes someday at the hands of Sakuya Mitsurugi which I will investigate later. MY NEW CRUSH Indeed this is Sakuya Mitsurugi a man I fell in love with at first sight just seeing him smiling or not even that just seeing him makes my day my week my month and even makes my capybaras life happy who is sad just for having finished this great anime. 400 Ive fallen in love so much that Ive decided to make him a fanart I hope you like it: 400
100 /100
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