SPOILERS BEWARE Fruits Basket is an anime centered around 16 year old Tohru who is just about to start living alone after the sudden passing of her mother in an accident. This is where the normal tale of Tohru begins although I am saying that extremely lightly since the Souma household that she involves herself with is anything but that. Tohru who is simply too innocent for this world yet is the kind of girl we all wish we had in our lives since she is adorably clumsy yet can say the perfect words that mean the world to people during desperate times. 800https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/670745625670713353/907757889425395743/unknown.png The Souma household is quite huge since it consists of twelfth members who are possessed by the spirits of animals as told in the story some members are much more meaningful to the anime than others. Firstly the essential MCs right by Tohrus side would be Kyou who isnt actually an official member but is possessed by the cat right next to him we also have Yuki who is possessed by the rat. Moving down the ladder of how important the members are we arrive at Shigure who is possessed by the spirit of the dog next I would say a split between Hatori who is possessed by the spirit of the dragon and Momiji who seems like a trap and is possessed by the spirit of the bunny both have decent screen time and both have very nice backstories about the true nature of the curse and how it affected their lives. Both have lost someone extraordinarily precious to them so slowly but surely we see that not is all happy and dandy in the Souma household as it initially seemed. In this case behind a happy smile lies a very dark secret especially concerning Kyou but more on that later. Kagura who appears very early in the anime does get screen time here and there but doesnt bring too much to the table she is possessed by the spirit of the boar and must have been born with unconditioned love for Kyou.Later we are introduced to Hatsuharu who is possessed by the spirit of the ox and has a black and white version one being gentle while the other is aggressive also had a nice backstory involving Yuki. Next the extraverted Ayame who is possessed by the snake with an incredible attitude towards life he is another example of a smile that hides a dark secret. The episode with his shop was simply brilliant as his shop is dreamland for many weebs he says many things male weebs likely feel as well in conclusion it was paradise. The last few members who exist but dont offer much would be Hiro who is possessed by the sheep and only appeared in one episode enough for him to get his fill and he was very unlikable for the majority of this episode. Lastly Ritsu possessed by the monkey who may very well be the real trap as I initially thought it was a she toooh well it happens lol. He also appears in one episode only to never appear again. 800https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/670745625670713353/907759977618354248/unknown.png Ive left out some members who I want to touch on in more detail since I have quite a bit to say. Firstly Kisa who is possessed by the tiger but its her backstory in the same episode which really crushed my feelings. She shut her heart off due to bullying at school now if youre watched 3gatsu then you will likely see the comparison Im making here a specific arc in that show totally blew me away so I was getting similar vibes here from Kisas short backstory. Bullying is no laughing matter since its realistic and such topics really carry a lot of weight poor Kisa got bullied yet shes so adorably cuteAt least there was Tohru to save the day who has an incredible power to sway people with her words more on this later involving a specific member of the zodiac. 800https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/670745625670713353/907721045388169256/unknown.png In the following episode we have a cinematic take on the episode which supposedly is meant to showcase the horrific and dreadful lifestyle of Hana yet to the disappointment of the Prince Yuki club and its members she does in fact live in a normal house and has a normal room. This episode was very much welcome since we knew Hana was a close friend of Tohrus yet we didnt really know much about her this episode did her justice and that smile at the end from Hana is pricelessits simply beautifully ecstatic showing a side of Hana weve never seen before. Really great episode. 800https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/670745625670713353/907722939774951456/unknown.png Akito is another member Ive left to discuss in his own paragraph since well he is the head of the family and supposedly doesnt have much left to live as he possesses the worst of the curse. This character is still shrouded in mystery although well seen glimpses here and there. Essentially hes an asshole from what weve seen. Firstly didnt approve of Hatori marrying Kana which resulted in Hatori losing the love of his life didnt approve of relationships within the household like Hiro and Kisa who clearly had feelings towards each other that grew beyond sibling love and the worst one of all didnt approve of Tohru if he didnt approve of Tohru who is genuinely the most innocent kind hearted and selfless person in the anime then hes definitely a lost cause. Even in their initial meeting at school he referred to Tohru as ugly and not bright which comes from his initial feelings of hating anyone that involves themselves within the Souma household that isnt actually a member. He disliked Tohru and that carried on right to the final episode as for Tohru there isnt a single person she cant help or accept as we saw with Kyou most importantly. Tohru truly is a blessing for the Souma family that they were able to meet someone so incredible as I mentioned before she is a girl we all wish we had in our lives as no day around Tohru would be dull. 800https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/670745625670713353/907758547905949756/unknown.png This takes me to the character I want to talk about most Ive mentioned it briefly already earlier but its now time to mention the last three episodes since they were pretty groundbreaking at least going by the nature of what Fruits Basket had offered up to now. Kyous real form is revealed in episode 25 and it seemed like Tohru may have been the only one who could have accepted Kyou for what he truly was. Saying he isnt a monster is an understatement since his true form is pretty disturbing compared to all the other tame animals that weve seen up to this point. If there was anyone that would have and could have accepted Kyou then it couldnt have been anyone else besides Tohru with all the traits she had shown up to now it was too much to bear even for her initially but then came her friends to the rescue. Hana feeling extraordinarily vibes told her to go back to do something only she could and well thats exactly what she did. Even though she was terrified of Kyou she still took steps forward in order to get their happy days back and well she succeeded in doing just that. That extraordinary embrace between Kyou and Tohru is the single best moment of the anime without even a doubt for me this scene is simply gorgeous I could use many words to describe it but we know Tohru would put me to shame with her powerful words that carry so much weight anyway. Episode 25 I believe gave us the 2nd ED song and dear god did it carry so much emotion in addition to me already watching the staggering exchange between Kyou and Tohru. These scenes really touched my heart and the song only emphasised the meaning of them that much more. An amazing ending to an anime is very important for me in order to justify its worth Fruits Basket earned itself quite a few points with this conclusion since it was so beautifully wholesome and left me fully satisfied. I seriously dont need to ask for any more since this finale was spectacular. 800https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/670745625670713353/907424130914197584/unknown.png I will leave on the note that this was the original 2001 adaptation of the manga and it fills me with much excitement to check out the reboot which is considerably longer at a later point along with much newer art and potentially some differences here and there. Where Fruits Basket ended is already satisfying for me but if the reboot has much more to offer then it only brings me joy and much anticipation since this series genuinely has potential to be a masterpiece well worth remembering for years if its adapted correctly. 800https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/670745625670713353/907759131706929182/unknown.png As you can see I really love my Tohru. Fruits Basket 2019https://anilist.co/review/15124
80 /100
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