I cant remember the last time I was as emotionally attached to characters as I was while watching this. It took me about 6 days to finish this and just for that short amount of time it consumed my life. I remember doing the dishes and feeling true glee all because the last episode I had watched had ended on a happy note. Similarly I remember feeling extremely anxious while taking my daily relaxing walk all because things werent going well in the anime. Id yell at characters who were causing the story to stray from my ideal path and squeal with happiness when they went my way. Looking back I mustve looked and sounded like an idiot but all those feelings I felt and the reactions they caused just felt so natural they felt soright. 400https://animeguyspl0x.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/bokuragaita1.jpg Let me just start this with the fact that the characters come with a lot of emotional baggage. Now Im not perfect far from it but even my past and relationships are not this bad. Yet somehow for some reason I just felt an emotional click with them. I cant explain it entirely but if I were to guess its mostly that I saw myself in parts of the characters and the parts I didnt I still mostly understood what they were thinking and why. That connection paired with innocent young love just captured my heart and took it on a journey I never thought Id experience. That tear between what you want and what you feel the difficulty in finding the right words to say at the right time that longing desire to trust being usurped by anxiety. All these feelings filled and overwhelmed my brain while watching and honestly even now as I write this. I cant help but smile and feel like Ive grown alongside the characters just by being with them. 400https://i.pin.com/originals/c2/2d/e5/c22de5e4db2c01a6750038a30387e894.jpg This isnt to say this anime is perfect. I think a lot of people would say I rate highly and while thats certainly true for a multitude of reasons its mostly that my enjoyment usually sways my final score much more than anything else. While I may have enjoyed this A LOT I cant completely ignore its shortcomings and give it a perfect score. I think the second half of the anime dragged on a little too long. I may be speaking on behalf of my heart and the strain it went through but when compared to the first half the pacing just does not match up. That ties into the fact that I think some of the problems they experienced had an obvious solution that wasnt always used. I would then argue that its part of the struggle of love and that even when you want things to go right sometimes you say things that just make it worse. Despite this Im positive someone could sit me down and argue specific situations that this doesnt apply to so this is me conceding that much. Stylistically speaking Im a huge fan and the visuals details and movement were more than enough to keep me happy. However I can see it not appealing to some people. 2006 was a long time ago and not every scene has lots of movement or vivid detail. 400https://i.ur.com/gTKEcNb.png The music on the surface was slow and sad but always made me feel optimistic and hopeful. These two contradicting feelings was absolutely perfect for the anime and I will absolutely be listening to it outside of the show. I think if you like or are showing any interest in 90s shojou style anime you should definitely pick this one up. La lala la laaa
90 /100
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