Boarding School Juliet is a typical shounen romcom thats cliched predictable but still a fun read overall. And thats why its a masterpiece imo. Art The art is fantastic. Its visually pleasing to the eye has a great amount of detail put into it backgrounds expressions etc and I absolutely love the character designs. Even when the series transitioned from a monthly to a weekly the art still holds up impressively. The art also captures the tone of certain scenes beautifully ranging from comedic moments dramatic moments and action sequences making you feel the vibe each scene plays out. It also has a good amount of fantastic spreads and chapter covers that make feel excited every time I turn the page. Story The story is inspired from the classic tale Romeo and Juliet where Romio and Juliet are secret lovers whose goal is to unite and seek peace within their rival cities. I love how the series manages its tones: comedy for laughs drama for seriousness action for awesome and fluffy romance for wholesome goodness. I also love how the story is constantly engaging as it slowly builds its setting and character relationships and each arc is constantly moving the plot forward. The payoff each arc has is really satisfying. Characters The BSJ cast is the strongest aspect of the series and that is due to the various dynamics. The characters have their unique quirks personalities and each of them get a chance to shine in the story even if it is a small part. The character relationships is what shined because I love how they slowly start to grow and influence each other and I honestly didnt feel there was one character I genuinely did not like. The cast is wonderful from main to supporting and antagonists alike the author did a good job at putting a lot of care into writing well written characters and giving them a place in the story. Enjoyment I really enjoyed reading BSJ. After giving the series a reread it definitely deserved to have a spot in my top favorite mangas overall. Its the kind of romcom series that speaks to me and I enjoyed investing my time in it whether its the art the story or the characters And that is what this manga succeeds at being really fun Conclusion So why do I think Boarding School Juliet is a masterpiece? Well its able to take a generic predictable and formulaic romcom and make it really fun and engaging. When it comes to most shounen romcoms a lot of the criticisms are towards how cliched they can be love triangles how long till they get together overused character tropes etc. BSJ is no exception in having its fair share of cliched moments but what makes it stand out to me is how they are written. A lot of BSJs great moments are engaging and fun to read through and while some may think its good and nothing special to me its amazing in every category. If you havent given Boarding School Juliet a read I highly recommend it to any romcom reader out there. Its fun interesting and awesome to read through. The series also lasted roughly 119 chapters so if you dont want to read a romcom thats 200+ chapters long then this series is for you
100 /100
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