After a year of being neglected left on hold I finally decided to rewatch and finish Arakawa Under The Bridge and to say the least... It was one of the best decisions Ive made Story To better understand the story we need to know the Ichinomiya family motto that being never be indebted to anyone. Ichinomiya Ko is the protagonist of our story a rich guy soon to be heir of his fathers company. Hes always tried following the family motto but one day he was put into a situation in which he had to break said rule. One day as Ko was walking on this bridge he was jumped by a group of delinquent kids. Did they steal his money? No... Did they steal any valuable items? No... So what transpired? Well what actually happened was that they forcefully took his pants away and put them on one of the bridges pillers to make it harder for him to grab. After all of this occurred a mysterious blonde girl fishing asked him if he needed any help getting them back but since his familys motto is to never owe anyone anything he denied her help and climed the piller himself. But unfortunately for him the bridge was currently under construction and the piller where his pants were was poorly put there so he alongside the piller fell on to the riverbank under them causing him to almost drown. But alas someone came to help him and it was none other than the blonde girl. Since she saved him he is now indebted to her so he asks her what she wants him to do and it turns out she wants a lover... Now he is forced to date this mysterious girl who lives under a bridge and claims to be an alien from venus venusian. But thanks to this he slowly figures out what love is whilst also learning more about Nino venusian girl and his new girlfriend and himself. And not only that but we get to see them reinforce their love seeing them prove that their love is infact real. TLDR Click on spoiler to see Many things happen after that of course but youll have to see for yourself to know... Characters The characters in this anime are by far some of the most unique characters youll ever see. You have a failed singer who wears a star mask the chief of Arakawa who claims to be a kappa who is 600 years old a military obsessed sister nun a sadistic woman and many more bizarre personalities... Them being this bizarre may be a turn off for some people. Maybe you think theyll be annoying but youre completely wrong if you asume that. They are by far some of the most fun/funny characters in anime Ive ever seen there is no single bad character in the series. TLDR My Final Thoughts On Arakawa Under The Bridge Arakawa Under The Bridge to me was an absolute masterpiece of an anime. In every single aspect I found this anime to be amazing and what I loved most was its consistently great comedy whilst maintaining a great balance of romance. I absolutely loved watching this anime I loved the cast and everything about it. I PERSONALLY thought this anime was literal perfection a masterpiece. Thus I will rate this a 10/10. If youre looking for a funny romance anime you should definitely check Arakawa Under The Bridge you will not regret it. PS I already watched season two Arakawa Under The Bridge x Bridge and it was just as good as the first one if not better. Unfortunately the series is not complete and I heavily doubt itll get a third season. So if youre interested to see how it ends youll have to read the manga. Feedback This is only my second review. If you dont like something about it or disagree with something let me know maybe we can have a discussion. All criticism will be accepted wether good or bad. Thanks for reading 3
100 /100
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