Ive always wanted to like this series so much. I liked the world and the scientific lore of Raildex series but there are many problems for me with the previous installments. Both Index and Railgun had always had pacing issues with one being too fast and the other being awfully slow. Except this season which is probably the highest point the Anime franchise has ever come to so far. When compared to other seasons the animation is improved which shouldnt be a surprise considering it took 7 years to get a third season but still much better. The plot the consistency of it got really better unlike other seasons where we got some moe SoL moments spread across all over the plot. Now to the main thing. The series still follows same pattern as the previous seasons during their main events. 1. You get introduced to a new characters 2. The new character introduces to the main conflict of the arc 3. The pre established characters both main and side characters gets involved in the conflict 4. Final PayOff. This formula repeats throughout the franchise but each every arc adds layer after layer which rewards with this intriguing and interesting world which is the main reason I like this series. The World Building. The series especially the spinoff Railgun series not only adds characters just for the sake of it but also expands the world with these characters. Its always a delight to watch when such an enormous cast of characters often clash with each other whether it be coincidental or not. But the main reason previous seasons or entries while does the same thing they also take too much time to fck around with these characters in an SoL setting which isnt bad but it breaks the immersion in the seriousness of the story and characters which thankfully this season dont have that much of a problem and gives a fullon ride. One main thing thats different from the previous seasons with this season is that The characters in previous Railgun series blend in different settings once being a scifi/thriller and other being a comfy SoL but in this season the characters drives the plot instead of blending into a different setting which gives it a lot more consistency and better flow which wasnt achieved in previous seasons and adds a much more serious tone to it. With our usual group of Misaka Kuruko Saten Uriharu we also got a small introduction to the all the Level 5s. Gunha really stole the screentime as small as it might be and Shokuho cemented herself as the Level 5 Queen during the Festival Arc. After the Festival Arc we got some nice interactions between different characters like the ITEM girls and the main gang one being the Bust Upper episode which was dumb overused but pretty hilarious with its own twist. The newly introduced characters also had their fair share of impact. While Kuroko got a good screentime as Judgement she still felt as annoying as ever. Misaka continued to prove why she works better as a protagonist than Touma and the rest of the cast are all well explored. The conflict in each arc was very immersive but the highlight of this season is definitely the Festival Arc. The Festival Arc which started as a small missing case build up into something a lot more and unexpected than its initial setting was. This arc merged like nearly 15 different characters into one coherent plot with giving enough screentime and development to each of those characters. All other arcs are pretty well rounded too even if its just one or two episodes it slowly build each character and make them not just side characters but memorable side characters. The final arc also had some interesting philosophy regarding soul human with a scifi conflict. This is just a nitpick but while there are like 4 different arcs and the flow of each arc might be smooth but sometimes some arcs dont end properly. The Anime left a few things open without proper explanation even though enough consideration was given like Some payoffs like the final Dream Ranker arc of the season might have had a spectacular ending but the initial Festival Arc falls in a few places like character resolution and grand finale kinda felt flat and just ended up as a secret power got revealed kinda thing kinda like Episode 19 of Demon Slayer but without the flashback scenes. As I said I really wished I liked this series because of the interesting world and power mechanics Science side it had but couldnt because of how boring the previous installments were. While this season isnt perfect this is my favorite season in the entrie franchise.
89 /100
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