Good Luck Girl A strange tightrope act between Masterpiece and total nonsense This is my first review of a manga and so I thought Id review a manga that was a little more specialso my choice fell on the strange confusing sometimes insanely nonsensical and bad and then in the next part suddenly just as insanely funny and heartwarming masterpiece Good Luck Girl. Whats it about? Well in a nutshell its about a girl named Sakura Ichiko who is just outrageously lucky in life. You get to know her as a conceited and selfish person who is celebrated as an idol by the boys and despised by her female classmates.However her life is soon turned upside down by a cynical and meta humorloving woman named Momiji who introduces herself as an misfortune goddess sent to earth to take away Sakuras luck as she endangers her fellow human beings through her overabundant fortune.Of course Sakura is anything but enthusiastic about this idea and so begins the repetitive battle between Sakura and Momijiat least in the beginning not to give too much away. And here we come to the absolute strenght of Good Luck Girlthe characters and their developementThe development of the characters over the course of the manga are my absolute highlight . For example Ichikoat the beginning of the series she is presented as a selfabsorbed overconfident and snooty brat who attaches absolutely no value to other people.In the course of the series she develops many friendships with the help of her actual opponent Momiji and through their influence Ichiko becomes more and more a selfless girl who does everything to protect the people she cares about even if it harms herself. On the other hand Momiji is introduced at the beginning as someone who tries to trick her opponent with cheap nasty tricks without it costing her too much effortbut in the course of the series you realize that she tries to put Sakura in a situation where she is forced to act either harming someone or helping the person that is up to her alonewhich helps her to learn what she actually cares aboutof course she always decides to help someone.So it Shows a very Caring Side of momiji because instead of Just taking ichikos Fortune she decides to drag her in Situations which forcing ichiko to grow and overthink her view of other people. Such actions are of course actually in total contrast to the traits of the characters presented at the beginning. And thats what I enjoy so much about the manga that the two opponents evolve over the course of the manga with mutual help and become one of my absolute favorite dous in anime/manga. The Art of Good Luck Girl I really liked the style of Good luck Girl most of the times sometimes in the whacky fighting Panels its a bit too messy so you get oversaturated with all kinds of things and the overview is pretty much gone. But it is also often very pleasant to look at and it is absolutely capable of bringing across the comedy and drama elements appropriately. To cut it short because my vocabulary in english is limited PRO sympathetic characters with great character development nice drawing style unconventional interesting story lots of great meta gags great drama scenes which are contrasted very well with the slapstick elements CONTRA Over the top slapstick in a too confusing way or just too weird so either you hate it or you think its funny there is no inbetween some messy panels Overall in my opinion Good Luck Girl is great. The parts i really like about it makes it easy for me to overlook the flaws that i have noticed while reading the manga. There have been a few parts i really did not enjoy because i just didnt think the gag was funnyit has somtimes a very unique homour which in my opinion does not work so well with western audiences. Still i really enjoyed Good Luck Girl for its heartwarming DramaComedy unusual Story and interesting Characters. I think its definetly not generic and its very interesting how the manga varies between insanely good and extremely bad.
90 /100
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