Woman I wanna lick your back Man And I wanna eat your hair Woman Man Then lets live together. What you read just now is a simple summary of what happens in the first chapter of this Manga Fechippuru. If you thought Fechippuru means What I like about you or Our Innocent Love as the English title seems to suggest then all I want to say is that its not as innocent as it sounds. Fechippuru means a Couple in love because of their fetishes and that basically describes the entire premise but before dwelling into the story other things related I wanna talk about how the Manga is constructed. The Manga mostly follows a simple structure called Yonkoma 4panel or 4koma in English which basically looks like this. This can mostly be seen in comedy/gag manga and there are quite a lot of them but I like to recommed Tomochan is a Girl or Pop Team Epic if you wanna read something for simple laughs I recommend this Manga too but Ill get into later. The storytelling method is also pretty simple. Panel 1 gives a introduction to the setup Characters surroundings etc.. Panel 2 3 will elaborate the situation the characters are in. Panel 4 delivers the payoff or punchline if were talking in terms of Gag Manga Heres a small example from Pop Team Epic on how it works Here in panel 1 Popuko says she wants to go to school while her futon is feeling sad for leaving her in panel 2 the futon grabs popuko while popuko tries to resist it saying itll be bad in panel 3 she slowly gives in and in panel 4 she completely gave up. Cant believe I just elaborated a joke. And this kinda simple structure just helps to make it feels like its easy fast to read when in reality you actually marathoned a 50 chapter Manga while staying up late until midnight Definitely not me. While this manga certainly uses this quite often for laughs there are times where it changes mostly when the moment/scene is a little heavy or important. It stops using 4koma structure and goes a little beyond sometimes an entire page exists only to show that amount of details and expressions of the characters. Such one of them is this page which is one my favourite ones from this Manga. Now with all said and done you mightve been a little entranced by the beautifulness of the lady so lets talk about the artstyle. Art Style The art style looks really clean is what I thought when I read the first chapter. The author might have some hair fetish cause god damn He really knows how to draw silky hair. The female characterdesigns really get to shine in this Manga well thats kinda typical for a romance setting but still worth the praise. Since the Manga dwells on fetishes it uses it to its fullest advantage by showing some really well drawn hair backs and expressions but the full effect can only be seen in the single page moments like the ones I showed above. In the Yonkoma format you cant really see the its full appeal considering the size so the Manga uses it for the gags/comedy. Now with this being said I can finally start the talking about the heart soul of the Manga. Story If youve seen the Manga cover read the summary and thought Maybe its about these two adult looking man womans love story and their fetishes well you arent completely right. Because halfway through the story shifts its focus to different characters. Simply put there are two different stories in this Manga. Story 1/First half is about romcom between Tatsu a 23 year old man who have a hair fetish and Kotoka a 23 year old woman a month older than Tatsu who have a back fetish and they started to like each other because of these fetishes but their relationship changes while they start to grow as characters. Story 2/Second half is about a high school love triangle between a fetish trio Mugi with smell fetish Miori with little ones fetish Dont worry as it isnt anything illegal so far and Noi with hair fetish. I havent completely read it but as of now there have been some strong changes in their relationships and starting to see each others more than objects to satisfy their fetishes. Story 1/The Adult Romcom Chapter 1 73 Tatsu and Kotokas story had 3 phases in the entire runtime. 1. The Funny gag intro 2. The Cringey comedy middle 3. The Romcom Drama end The funny gag intro is just as it sounds. It introduces all its characters fetishes and relations between each other. The fetishes are something I dont really see going this much into a relationship and there are quite a lot. Back Hair Hands Legs Voice NTR. It shows what these looks like as silly as possible with some funny gags and jokes that work out pretty well. For the most of the time I thought Hahaha.. These guys are hopeless. Then comes the cringey comedy middle and while it hints for some progression its comedy part was a little unsettling to read like how they indulge themselves in each of their fetishes that it felt really gross disgusting at times. These are fing hopeless is what I thought. But the good thing here is where I really started to acknowledge them as characters and just some plot machines that exist only to deliver a joke that you can forget in the next few minutes. And then comes the Romcom drama part and this is where the series really shines interms of story and art as well. The gags are slightly reduced as now we focus on characters who are willing to change showing some growth and tackling obstacles to make their relationship healthy. Getting to like someone just because of one of their body parts didnt really sit well with me and the fact that these two working adults started living together just to satisfy their fetishes felt worryingly bad. But thankfully this drama section answered all those concerns I had they started to see the other person more than just their hair/back and this is really rewarding to watch so much so that I dont mind giving this story a 8/10. I realized how much my jaws hurt me because of how big of a smile I had while reading this. Story 2/The Highschool Trio Chapter 74 147 For the fetish trio/highschool love triangle tho I havent read their complete story as of writing this but so far there are only two phases in the story. 1. The intro comedy phase 2. The drama phase The comedy at the early chapters will entertainment also give everything you need to know about the main characters threesome relationship its as simple as you expect from every high school romcom youve probably seen so far except with a fetish twist. And the drama phase will take things a little seriously as for who needs to end with the main guy its almost like a harem. Except now we also have another fetiple outside the main characters where the boy has glasses fetish and the girl have a bondage fetish. Now this story is really problematic cause not only its boringly dumb but it also takes away all the magic the first story had by repeating the same jokes and drama elements all over again making it look pale in comparison. The art and the the cameo appearance of the first couple in this story are the only reasons this story is still going strong cause there isnt anything interesting anymore unless you are rooting for someone. Weak storyline repeated jokes that range from cringe to mildly funny and drama as boring as every other highschool romcom which can be slightly interesting at times makes me give this a 6/10 so far. Its a shame cause it really had a complete solid story in its first half but ruined it by prolonging the manga and adding another average high school romcom you probably have seen a hundred times by now. While this story fits with the basic premise explores a little how it would be among highschool students its just not satisfying to read anymore. Not sure how far story 2 can go but its quite reasonable if you ended up dropping this at chapter 73 i.e. the end of story 1. Story 2 is really isnt anything special or great and I surely didnt enjoyed it as much as story 1 but its not bad actually. Its just not as satisfying in comparison to story 1. To give an analogy this is slightly equivalent to Death Note Anime. Sure the second half isnt as great enjoyable as the first half but its still not bad and also had a good ending. While I still havent read the ending for this Manga yet I do hope it to end on a good note. Summary An amazing first half ruined by an unnecessary second half but still worth a try with some really eye catching art. Update : I completed the manga and yeah I think youre better off skipping the 2nd story. The love triangle relationship was so boring and fall apart real quick. The art is still there but everything else.. Nah. Story 1 : 8/10 Solid Story 2 : 4/10 Pretty bad Overall Rating : 6/10 Above Average
60 /100
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