Golden Kamuy is a truly special series for me and after finally completing it and thinking about the whole experience for a while i think its finally time to write about my opinion on the series as a whole. This review wont contain major spoilers because id love to see more people experiencing Golden Kamuy GK is a fictional story based around real events happening on a post RussoJapanese War Japan centered around a gold rush developed by a prisoner named Nopperabou. Despite using the gold rush as its main plot point in my honest opinion GKs main theme is how war affects us as people and since most of the cast are war veterans its such an interesting take on the coldreality we live in and its even more scary to think that people like Sugimoto who literally was given the title of someone Immortal from all of his achievements during the war ended up being totally ignored by the government after their duty ended. All of the characters were changed by the war in some way or another affecting their personality traits and lifes as a whole because of a war for territory and seeing this events being replicated again and again by powerhungry politicians is truly heartbreaking. Another really important part about GK is the Ainu culture and how it was portrayed its so cool to see how much care and thought Noda put on how to present the struggles and needs of the Ainu people during the whole manga without being too forced and seeing Asirpa slowly realize how to take care of her people was so awesome as a reader Asirpa as a whole was such an awesome character she matured so much during the manga but she didnt just become a totally serious and bland shell of her previous character it was a slow buildup that felt like a natural progression for her character. Speaking of characters theyre certainly the best part of Golden Kamuy unironically my favorite cast out of any work of fiction ive read/watched every single character has such a cute and fun personality and seeing them interact is always funny as hell but the characters can be actually serious when they need to and it never felt forced when the tone shifted. The major highlights for me were Ogata Tsukishima and Tsurumi all of them were characters who ended up becoming broken mentally and/or physically for different reasons and seeing their characters develop from simple villains to people who i actually sympathized a lot with was a nice change of pace from most mangas Basically Golden Kamuy is a wacky and really fun series full of comedy and fun moments but this doesnt take away from their serious bits since the cultural and historical part of the story was also really interesting to see unfold definitely one of the best manga that were releasing nowadays and it ended up becoming one of my favorite works of fiction. Thank you Noda
97 /100
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