500https://gonzonyan.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/gochuumonwausagidesukaseason2visual.jpg With the advent of the constant bashing of many anime fans being distraught by the amount of moeblob anime taking over the majority of the seasons since 2009 its telling that the genre has long overstayed its welcome. Im one of those who do not pay attention to the trends going on and approach something with an open mind no matter what tag the anime falls under. There is always this sense of surprise still lurking in every genre. Of the moeblob anime that has been on my radar for a while was Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka. On its debut in 2014 Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka I thought was an excellent first season to start introducing the cast of girls that we would follow into their ordinary and cute daily lives. What kept me from loving it was that it seemed like a very safe moeblob anime. The antics and situations from half of the episodes did not grab me as much as how I would hold my moeblob anime to a higher standard than most people do. Going into season 2 I hoped that the studio developing Gochuumon White Fox would try to add more depth to the cuteness and maybe some subtle character depth. Now it seems my wish was granted after I was finished with it. 1000https://gonzonyan.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/gochuumonep3scr3.jpg Gochuumon is by and large the most sugarcoated anime you could ever feast your eyes upon. The girls are about as kawaii and cuddleworthy that you might get asphyxiated by the amount of kawaii essence that permeates the atmosphere. This does not just include how adorable the character designs are. Right down to the voice acting talent that is on here: Ayane Sakura Inori Minase Maaya Uchida Risa Taneda Satami Sato Kayano Ai Sora Tokui Rie Murakawa and even Saori Hayami making a supporting appearance. They all perform their roles exceptionally well and at their most heartinducing cutest. The cute catchphrases all the girls repeat and their unique quirks offer a wide variety of charm that captivates you to watch more of these girls say funny and adorable dialogue. As a slice of life anime goes there is no plot to critique on. All you would have to go on is to analyze how the characters grow on you on an emotional level. Some of them try to add development throughout the show but sometimes they keep them static which can succeed on either side. Gochuumon fits more on the latter front. However there is some level of development. Not from the individual characters but from their relationships that start to expand on their cute and hilarious situations. The 2nd season provides more to make the relationships genuine from how these girls treasure each other as friends. I even felt close with them as I watched their progression from all these episodes from season 1 to season 2. That kind of closeness you feel when you watch anime that centers around a group of friends and you can feel attached towards whether comedic or dramatic in tone is always a great sign that you did an excellent job writingwise. 1000https://gonzonyan.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/gochuumonwausagidesukaepisode5englishsubbed.jpg For the individual characters themselves they are just about as charming and adorable as before in season 1. Some new things in season 2 give our previous characters more material to increase their likability. This includes how their personalities have different edges that we never thought of before like Rizechan having an adorable shyness to her when she is attempted to get cuddled by someone and Chinochan getting more mature from Cocoa and the others. There is a more significant emphasis on Chinochan and her friends Megumi and Maya than in season 1. I appreciated seeing the writers not ignoring some of the supporting cast. I would also love to mention the newest character that won my heart this year: Cocoas big sister Mokachan. Seeing her wanting to cuddle with all of the girls and often visit them was an absolute riot and adorable. My only wish is if there will be a season 3 as Im writing this they give her even more screentime than before. Moeblob anime art is prototypical with big eyes as big as their hands colorful and shiny hair and small figures despite their age. Sometimes I feel as though I can get high off of the cuteness of Gochuumon. That is how strong the moe can get from this show. Now how can this be distinctive from all other anime like it? It all comes down to how well the animators can make a scene that involves a quick chibi quip with the right timing or hilarious facial expressions to make a cute moe anime charming. Gochuumon does this well from how expressive the characters emotions are which feel precious to see from most of the scenes in the show. Although I wouldnt say the art hasnt changed a lot it certainly feels like it has more allure to it but this could be from how long Ive seen season 1. Nevertheless because Ive warmed up to these characters going into season 2 the humor and expressive art grew on me better. 1000https://gonzonyan.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/maxresdefault.jpg I just wanted to mention one more thing that I think is a sentiment of what makes Gochuumon the ultimate watch to make yourself happy anime. While the music in the show is not super special to even remember the OP and especially the ED are remarkable. The OP and ED both have a sugarcoated JPop vibe to the singing and vocals that fit well with the shows atmosphere being a sweet slice of life moe anime. The ED is probably one of my top five favorite EDs of any anime ever. With its infectious vocals rhythm lyrics and adorable dancing by our three little elementary girls Chino Megumi and Maya no song on earth could suppress your depression for the entire day. Though not all jokes guarantee a laugh Gochuumon season 2 is good enough along with season 1 to warrant the distinction of being one of those great anime that is best to watch when feeling down. Most slice of life is for that purpose but Gochuumon proves to be one that can be like that but also be enjoyed at the same time. There is no way this review can sway any of the antimoe brigades into being interested in going anywhere near Gochuumon with a tenfoot pole. Then again nothing will. Grade: A
88 /100
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