This review is spoiler free. There is a spoiler section which is spoiler marked and covered so you are at no risk of being spoiled if you havent read the series yet An established and experienced mangaka with a sizeable fanbase making a series in a subgenre currently exploding in popularity in anime and manga while adding a twist and new elements to it? Surely this is a manga match made in heaven right? No of course not are you dumb? It flopped It got axed But this doesnt mean it was bad does it? Maybe shonen jump isnt the most suitable audience for the series. Maybe it had some genuinely good aspects to it but was just a bit slow at telling its story. Maybe the whole population of Japan were brain dead and just skipped over this manga despite its quality. Or maybe it was just bad. Well lets see what the case really is with Ayashimon. 220 Ayashimon is a supernatural yakuza yokai action series written and illustrated by Yuji Kaku well known for his previous manga series Hells Paradise: Jigokuraku. It ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from November 15th 2021 to May 30th 2022 where it got axed with 25 chapters a pretty early cancellation. Ayashimon is about Maruo Kaido an unnaturally strong kid who wishes to become a manga protagonist and his encounter with Urara an Ayashimon essentially a yokai whos the child of the dead chairman of the Enma Syndicate a yokai/yakuza gang. After witnessing Maruos strength Urara takes him to become the first member of the Urara family. And from there they plan to build up the gang in the underground world of Ayashimon. So we got an exorcism series and one that sounds pretty unique right? Well unfortunately its not as unique as it sounds. I did kinda like this first chapter though It was fun fast paced and a nice enough introduction to the series However from there the series gets a bit rocky for the next 10 or so chapters and then completely falls off a cliff after that. I expected the series to not fall into much of the traps that other cancelled series from newbie mangaka fall into because were talking about a mangaka that has made a successful well received series in the past but nope Ayashimon has many problems that make it easy to see why it got cancelled. First off what I think is the most detrimental to the series exposition dumps. 220 This is the one thing you dont want your manga to have at least early on. So many action series do this early on. Red Hood and Build King did this instant flops. Sakamoto Days and The Elusive Samurai keep this to a minimum giving you what you need to know and not going into excruciatingly pointless detail huge successes. You want readers to care about your manga early on make it a fun read. Not a slog. There are so many walls of text in the series just talking about the different gangs and their backstories connections to our main gang etc. This isnt inherently a bad thing but so early on when I barely even care about the main gang the one Im gonna be following for the majority of the series why the fuck should I care about some other gang were gonna see for 5 chapters that once lent Uraras father 500 and that some lackey in the group bumped into him in the streets some day. Introduce all of this later after we establish our main gang and main rival gang. Next problem is the characters This cast is very good at not standing out at all Maruo is a very basic meathead battle shonen mc. 220 And yes I understand he looks up to characters like Goku Kinnikuman and Jotaro but that doesnt excuse him for being incredibly basic and boring. I also understand that he along with the rest of the cast doesnt have time to grow much but Im able to judge from what we have gotten and from what we have got he did absolutely nothing to stand out for me bar compare everything to manga but Ill touch on that later. Urara is Urarannoying lol lmao lol. No but really she is also incredibly boring and bland. 220 She has some alright aspects her backstory isnt horrible and she can transform into some weird wolf thing which doesnt make her a good character but I thought I might as well bring it up. Why not. Lastly we got our final member of the main trio a character who appears around 3 or so chapters in Ten. 220 Ten is your average wimpy crybaby character who somehow leaves such a small impact that you actually forget elements of the manga when reading his scenes instead of taking in what is currently happening so good job for him. The villains exist I think. There are probably lots of rival gangs introduced through the info dumps which I obviously cant remember since Im being thrown so much information at once that I cant retain or maybe there wasnt anything like that. I dont know. Cant remember. There is one villain that we actually see and has screen time Doppo Akari but he kinda just fights Maruo once and we dont get much more. Cant really criticise the manga for that though not that much it could have done there. There isnt much else in terms of characters. They meet a biker gang after 10 or so chapters and this is when I think the series really goes downhill. They are very boring. They have a very boring fight with the main group before joining together. Something of note in this series and something its praised for is its comedy parodies/references and meta aspects. The referential humour really just comes from Maruo being like HOLY WOW THIS LATEST CHAPTER OF OUTER ZONE IS WILD or him just saying kamehameha while attacking and while Im like woah this guy is an outer zone guy? I dont even read that manga but cool it never really makes me laugh but its not like it annoys me the references to older shonen jump series can actually be really cool Like the issue of shonen jump that Maruo reads each week actually matches perfectly to the time the series is set in. Its really cool stuff but its not that often of an occurrence. What is a regular occurrence however is meta themes/humour. The meta humor is just Maruo saying this is just like a manga while hes getting fucking obliterated by some evil guy. You can tee hee at it the first time around I wont judge you that much but if you are still tee heeing after the 482926th time then Ill judge you Ill judge you a lot. Since this is an action series action and art need to be mentioned. Theyre fine. Personally it doesnt really appeal to me but its not bad. The action is ok too. I was never impressed by it but it got the job done fine. 800 The characters while not always drawn the best have ok designs. Maruo has gotta have my favourite design he has a shirt with a lot of axes on it and I just think thats very fitting Ok now we are getting into the spoiler territory where I throw a tantrum at how dumb the ending is. If you havent read then Id advise you to skip but if you have read it or simply dont care then go on ahead So to answer the question I asked at the beginning of the review it was just bad. Ayashimon has some alright ideas and isnt completely terrible but when it handles everything in such a basic way and doesnt go far enough with the things that make it unique its just hard to enjoy it. The series sold fairly decent however around 15k copies sold volume 1 in its first week but its nothing that special and when paired with absolutely abysmal reception from shonen jump readers ranking among the bottom of the magazine every single week its easy to see why it got cancelled. However it was received rather well in the west but most battle shonen are so its not really much of note. That is all for now though Ill comeback with another site breaking review when the next shonen jump series comes to an end which is looking like itll be Protect Me Shugomaru so until then see ya and thanks for reading. 220
25 /100
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