By the end of Nyaruko Season 1 I have come to the conclusion that this show can easily go on my guilty pleasures list of shows. Nothing in this show was groundbreaking of course or all that really different. Afterall it is a parody show that is based on all the stupid and silly harem romcoms and the various tropes and character traits that they all use. But for a parody show it does the one thing it needs to really well. It is incredibly enjoyable to watch the characters are amazing and fun the world is kinda unique and not boring and the story is super simple. I really couldnt ask any more from the show at all. So what exactly is this show that I really enjoyed? Basic premise is that various creatures from the Lovecraftian universe actually exist and are various races from space. And they have all come down to Earth for the vague premise of protecting it from other Lovecraftian races though their real reason to come down to Earth is the desire to play video games and enjoy Earths culture. Which apparently is among the best in the universe. Through some events Mahiro gets involved with these races and essentially opens his home and becomes the host for these various races who decide to show up and enjoy life. Of course now that we have a much of people in one house the next step is to of course introduce the romance and harem. Afterall why do you put all these people in one place surrounding some male character if it doesnt become a harem. This leads to the character developments that the show has and does surprisingly well. I wasnt expecting to see actual character development and a romance actually start to form over the course of the season at all mainly occurring between our main characters of Mahiro and Nyaruko. What starts off as a pretty rough relationship of just kinda getting along and Mahiro just kinda casually dealing with Nyaruko and not really caring all that much about her. Becomes something that you can see could easily develop into something more maybe an actually romance in the second season. The feelings are there for both the characters it is just a matter of if this silly parody wants to go in that route. Alongside this romance is the more general character and friendship stories between the rest of the cast which follows the traditional harem tropes and slowly grows over the course of the season. Im also glad to say it isnt going in a normal harem route where the MC tries to date and falls in love with everyone. Honestly this show is a bit rough for me to say what I loved about it in the end. I guess I could sum it all up as a really well done parody show based on the normal harem and romcom tropes. That I have just thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to watching the next season of next year.
70 /100
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