Potential spoilers below https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/856303571313492008/989988980189708368/unknown.png?width=1120height=630 Kaguya sama has been an animanga that has built an apartment on my mind for the last weeks in this small time i completed season 2 and read through all of the chapters currently available while watching season 3 weekly It was an awesome experience to be able to talk about the episodes with irl friends and online it was really unique for me :. Kaguyasama is a romcom and tbh most works with the same genre fall on generic tropes and the same events happening on an endless cycle but thankfully kaguya is the total antithesis to that. All of the characters have really developed along with the series and the comedy has been slowly progressing too tbh i hated the first season of kaguya because it was mostly builton running gags. But the best part of this anime is certainly its characters most of the main cast are being really well developed since S2 and this arc is the foundation of the future of the series bringing a totally new status quo to the show. After 3 seasons kaguya and shirogane finally accepted their feelings for one another despite all of the troubles they will face for that one moment they were honest with each other seeing that as a spectator is really nice specially since this season focused a lot on their feelings about each other and entering a relationship their romance is far from over and the last scene of the show shows how much of a power couple they are together. Ishigami and the other supporting cast were also really good this season theyre taking their time to adapt the show without rushing anything and seeing tsubames relationship with ishigami slowly develop is really cute specially after everything hes been through lol Makis also a really cool addition to the show her personality mirrors kaguyas a lot and i love her as a character. Miko honestly got the short end of the stick here she and osaragi had little development this season but her moment to shine is coming soon best girl ftw The animation was awesome during the whole show but this season has been specially beautiful to watch my pc is now with almost 1GB of kaguya pics already because of this season alone.. The animation was so fluid and nice to watch there wasnt many offframe moments and the last episode specially was a blast to watch and to cry while watching But yeah kaguyas awesome and this is one of the best arcs of the show im really hyped to see season 4 when it releases sorry if the english on the review is bad i actually just wrote my feelings all at one after watching everything thanks
98 /100
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