housing complex C. i typically dont expect a lot out of horror anime but adult swim is pretty good at dark stuff so maybe they could hit this one. they didnt. they really really really fucking didnt. one thing youll quickly realize with this show is that they have no idea how pacing works. despite being a four episode show the first three episodes feel sluggish. the show meanders around interactions between different undeveloped characters that never really hit a meaningful climax at all. our main character is a girl named Kimi who lives in a housing complex with a bunch of old people and some foreign immigrants and a new girl are moving in. thats all the background we get. in the first episode we meet one of the younger women in the housing complex and her shut in son. they both die by the end of the episode. its revealed that theres a big creepy hidden tunnel underneath the housing complex which im sure is not nefarious and nothing will happen there. and thats pretty much it. 1/4th of the show is gone and basically nothing has been accomplished episode 2 begins with the horror and shows someone has been dumping dead animal carcasses and fish around kimis apartment. kimi notices some racist tension between the old people and the new immigrants and decides to hold a shaved ice party to try and help them settle their difference. In our first big actual horror moment they find a beating heart inside the shake syrup. now would be a good time to talk about this shows racism plotline which is fucking shit and awful. the old people and the immigrants dont get along which leads to them hating pretty much anything the other group does. this comes to a head in the third episode when one of the immigrants Khan gets beaten up by some old people. the plotline then immediately ends and is never brought up again the first 15 minutes of episode 3 consist of racism based fighting that goes nowhere and does nothing. we are now 70 of the way through the show and absolutely fucking nothing has happened so far. after this the real plot starts. yes they waited until they had 30 minutes left in the show to actually focus on the plot at all. one of the old guys goes on a long winded rant about the towns mythology and how he thinks hes discovered something and honestly it was so incredibly boring i remember basically none of it outside of this secret song thing. he then disappears and they track his steps back down into the tunnel where they discover a secret room hidden in a passageway. kimi and her friend the new girl enter the room where you temporarily get a glimpse of some weird living thing hanging from a branch in there. while watching the show you might think this is an important clue as to the shows mystery. it isnt. its never brought up at all. after that they find a bunch of hieroglyphs on the wall telling a story about fish people from an ancient time. also the old guy is dead. now you might think episode 4 the final episode is gonna spend its full 25 minutes telling the secrets of the housing complex and bringing about a satisfying conclusion. WRONG. the entire mystery of the show is solved in an 8 minute boring ass monologue by the ghost of the old guy. the monologue is boring as hell and frequently extremely incoherent and impossible to follow. the main thing you need to know is that kimi is actually a god and some rival monster things have been planting the dead animals to try and fight her or something i think. after this the show just fucking gives up and begins murdering people for no apparent reason. the new girl and her family go on a murder spree around the complex. the highlight of this time is kimi giving khan a paper saying if you ever need help read the words on this paper. after receiving the paper he walks out of his apartment and immediately gets stabbed. the new girl then chases kimi into a deep part of the underground tunnel where kimi rips her parents limb from limb transports them into the tunnel and then showers the girl in blood. she then vaguely rambles about how humans ruin everything and this species sucks before resetting the town and the housing complex. the show ends my closing thoughts are that this fucking sucks. i dont even know what to say this shit was terrible
20 /100
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