330https://i.ur.com/bS1jr4i.jpeg Ghost Hound or Shinreigari follows three middle schoolers Tarou Komori Makoto Ogami and Masayuki Nakajima who are experiencing OBE Out 0f Body Experience or as they like to call it Soul Travelling which allows them to explore the Unseen World. Each member utilizes this strange phenomenon to get over their anxieties and terrible pasts while also learning all the hidden secrets of the village of Suiten. 330https://i.ur.com/hF3dp5K.jpeg Meet the Ghost Hounds from left to right Tarou Masayuki Michio late entry and Makoto Shinreigari tackles a variety of topics including mythology occult practices quantum theory psychology and even life after death. Considering that the series was created by Masamune Shirowhttps://anilist.co/staff/97609/MasamuneShirow the same person who created the Ghost in the Shell franchise this shouldnt come as a surprise but that doesnt imply it will be a chore to watch. Shinreigariispart mystery/thriller revealing the dark secrets of the town its mysterious characters part horror the dread of something unknowable lurking around outside or sometimes even inside our characters and part scifi/psychological exploring the mental state of its many characters with a lot of fauxscience. 330https://i.ur.com/FYV3Nwq.jpeg Youll get used to these images. The anime uses a variety of contrasts to illustrate its ideas such as the abovementioned nuanced distinction between souls and people. See how the formless bodies of the soul above pic contrast with the distorted depiction of mans senses by Penfield below pic. There are more of these that Im sure I occasionally missed but one of these contrasts that I loved was the opening song with the remaining OST. The soundtrack is odd and plodding gradually evoking a sense of mystery and suspense in opposition to the jazzy intro song. The tone has changed yet the mystery is still present. 330https://i.ur.com/srnFQ0d.jpeg I like this shot. The Art style and Sound direction in Shinreigari are two obvious standouts. The character designs particularly the ghosts are distinctive enough to set the art style apart while still seeming conventional enough to be called your typical anime from the 2000s. Their designs are more unsettling from the black distorted giants the insectlike beings in the unseen world to the snark For the Snark was a Boojum You Seehttps://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/43909/thehuntingofthesnark. And the sound is strange as I have mentioned. It is frequently detailed and includes recognizablesounds like pendulums breathing noises and heartbeats. The sound starts off slowly and quietly nearly undetectable but as it gets louder even the conversations get occasionally interrupted. Every episode starts off with significantly distorted dialogue from earlier episodes mostly for ambiance. 330https://i.ur.com/Qov0ERY.jpeg Me and my friends staring at the cockroach that invaded our room. Shinreigari is a thematically rich show with a lot of scientific and occultic babble backed by a foggy atmosphere but it is narratively flawed. The show doesnt weave some of its themes into a tightknitted story. The characters will converse about things like how a ghost possessed my girl and other things you wouldnt expect to hear two men discussing in broad daylight. Even more perplexing to me is how readily they accept one anothers word while talking about matters that could put them in danger. Additionally the last episodes dont make sense with everything that came before. The Overcoming traumas narrative never had a satisfying conclusion. The conflicts in earlier episodes of What occurred in the past? were heavily built up yet they were never resolved. The characters abrupt personality change offers a hazy resolution or the episode simply leaves it hanging. It is a little sudden when the show finishes on a comingofage note because there were no signs that the theme of the initial episodes was Letting go of the past and/or Accepting the present and yourself. I would usually end this section by answering Who should watch this? but theres something else I want to talk about. You can skip this section and go directly to the end this adds little to the review. 330https://i.ur.com/9uuyvVd.jpeg Let me tell you a story. My story. Have you ever woken up one midnight all of a sudden? Either you had some unfiltered thoughts or stress or insomnia or something similar but you somehow cant go back to sleep. I had this moment during middle school so instead of counting sheep on my bed I went down to the living room and switch on the TV. I was a bit scared that my mom would come down and scold me for watching TV way past midnight Spoiler: That didnt happen but I managed to reduce the volume to 1 get close to the TV and start surfing at light night cartoons that Ive never known. At this point theres this show on CN about a sheep roaming in a metropolitan night city. I couldnt find my favorite cartoons like Ben 10 but its past screen time so I just watched it. At that time though I related to that sheep more than anything. It would jump across buildings escape from dogs and other shenanigans that past me really liked. Im not sure if the new gen could relate to this in an era where Netflix and such are available so you could watch whatever you want. Ive been watching 2 or 3 episodes a day of Shinreigari at midnight for the past week which helped me to go to sleep while not regretting it. In Japan these kinds of anime are called Aniraji a combination of Anime and RajioRadio shows that are used to air from 10 PM to 4 AM. Normally these kinds of anime are very heavy in their plot or presentation shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion Berserk Serial Experiments Lain and are usually targeted toward adult audiences and often help the viewer to surpass their restless state to fall asleep. Who should watch this? If you are a fan of dialogueheavy Anime like Ghost in the Shell I would recommend it. If not skip it. This can cause you to fall asleep if you are disinterested or forced yourself to watch it. 3 stars out of 5
75 /100
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