I thought Brothers Conflict was going to be my first anime review but I thought wrong. Fresh off of my Othello review I just randomly felt like reviewing this random OVA. I was given this to watch in response to collecting a lot of bad shoujo anime to watch since one of my beloved friends was joining me in reading a bunch of cursed oneshots. One of them prompted an immediate review it was so bad. So anyways as for plot Cipher the Video doesnt exactly have one. From what Ive gathered its literally just a bunch of random montages of the manga. Like dont even try to figure out whats going on because you will be disappointed. Maybe Ill figure it out because I intend on reading Cipher. Ive decided it will be the manga that will put me at 800 planning because I am very talented at finding manga to read. Im just faster at collecting them than finishing them. Anyways as for the characters you literally know nothing about them. We just know the main focus is Siva who is an actor. One of the few parts with dialogue is about his acting career and the movie hes making. He has a twin brother who he kisses on the lips. My sources say that his name is Cipher. They switch places. Of course none of this is apparent in the OVA other than the kissing on the lips part. The entire OVA is comprised of montages. Lots and lots of montages. It begins and ends with Against All Odds by Phil Collins. In between we get two consecutive Footloose montages. Theres a montage about our main characters making friends with this girl theres a montage about the football movie which makes zero sense and theres a montage about Siva being super dramatic about his family and being lonely. Now I will talk about the voice acting. The English dub was sourced from Japan and they literally just picked anyone who could speak English. There are very obvious accents and the voice acting is very very bad. Im sorry but its so bad its funny. I could have sworn some of the characters were voiced by the same person because they mostly sound very similar. Basically if you want to make fun of poor voice acting watch this. Even some of the most wooden English dubs Ive heard as someone who actually likes dubs are stunning paragons of voice acting in comparison to this. I refuse to believe anyone unironically likes the voice acting in Cipher. The art is old and it really adds to the retrofeel. Cipher has really nice vibes and the art contributes to it. Unfortunately vibes alone do not make an anime. Id only recommend it if youre a hardcore Cipher fan I dont know any but who knows. Maybe theyre out there somewhere. or if you really like watching bad anime. I will conclude with ending of the OVA which just so happens to be my favorite part. The brothers have yogurt with raisins ice cream and peanut butter for breakfast.
20 /100
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