Img Bleach has a distinctive appeal that lies in its poetic and emotive narrative its stylish battles unique character designs and truly fascinating lore infused with all kinds of symbolism. The Thousand Year Blood War arc portrays the compelling story of a neverending dispute between 2 races determined to let their ideals prevail no matter the circumstances nor the consequences. 2 old leaders with a thousand year long history that resent each other to the heart and also 2 of the younger generation who may have the opportunity to initiate dialogue this time for good and change things for the better. The anime adaptation certainly does justice to the original source and does not fail to show Bleach at its best as it entertains and embodies every aspect that makes it so beloved. The production and direction of the anime adaptation is outstanding. I love every single detail such as the newly written poems by Kubo at the end of each episode the iconic title cards the transitions between scenes and the brilliantly choreographed battles everything that makes bleach feel unique is cleverly assembled to deliver a great experience to the spectator. The anime feels more like a passion project the understanding and love of the production team for Kubos original work is depicted in each scene and even in the smallest of details. Although the animation quality fluctuates especially in the first 2 to 4 episodes from episode 5 onwards significant improvement is noticeable there is consistency in the animation quality and a new height is reached at episode 6: The Fire A true masterpiece a brilliantly directed episode with movie quality production that continued to evoke all kinds of emotions within me even after my second rewatch. It is the long awaited battle between Genrysai Shigekuni Yamamoto and Yhwach the Quincy King that many avid fans have longed for to see on the screens it surely lives up to the hype. Img Born in the dark If people thought The Fire would be the highlight of the season they were wrong. It is followed by Episode 7: Born in the dark another production masterpiece and absolute spectacle to the eye. It is the final battle of a brutal first invasion by the enemy army a frenetic and emotional fight between Ichigo Kurosaki who lusts for revenge and the invader leader Yhwach who does not hesitate to bring down his opponent leaving him conflicted and completely hopeless. Img The battle One of my favourite moments in the Thousand Year Blood War is adapted in both episodes 9: The drop and episode 10: The battle. It is another long awaited moment beloved by many including myself of 2 simple yet elaborate characters. Both seem polar opposites but in reality share the same twisted pleasure they experience during a fight to the death. An Ode to Battle by Tite Kubo filled with imagery and symbolism beautifully adapted into a frenzied but also romantic battle between the strongest. A blissful but yet tragic end to my favourite character in Bleach The first Kenpachi Yachiru Unohana. Img Nothing but the Rain June Truth The Blade is Me somehow feel like the perfect closure to what has been the start of a brutal war. The anime delivers a beautiful flashback that made me shed tears. It is a captivating story to find oneself a never told truth from the past that Ichigo Kurosaki needed to hear from his father to finally escape the rain a recurring theme in Bleach that symbolises pure sadness. He is now able to choose the right path and unlock his true potential his determination will never waver. Img The scenery One thing I really appreciate are the new added scenes never seen before in the manga. We get to see an epic flashback from a 1000 years ago of the first battle between Shinigami and Quincy as well as a close up reveal of the original Gotei 13 Squad Captains. It is such a pleasant surprise and honestly Kubo is a master of the pen his character designs are second to none. The creative direction and especially the musical production in this sequel are wonderful. Remixing the OG OSTs was a brilliant move by Shiro Sagisu. The colour palettes chosen for each episode fit beautifully the tone of the events being displayed on the screen. You can really notice the change in atmosphere between each location and get totally immersed in the plot. The world of the livings night sky Hueco Mundos eerie darkness the imperial Soul Society Seireitei the ethereal Reiryoku the mysterious white castle that is Silbern and even the Garganta all these locations look truly otherworldly and seem to not belong in the same anime. Img The Conclusion The studio has promised better quality for the second cour of the final arc in 2023... I really cannot get more excited I am very grateful to the staff and Tite Kubo for their hard work their artistic vision and determination to deliver this long awaited and beautiful project that has far surpassed my expectations and has reminded me of how much I love Bleach.
100 /100
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