This Review Contains Spoiler for Attack On Titan The Final Season Part 3 Cour 1 Note: This is the first review I have ever made so there might be some mistakes and this is mainly more like my opinion than a review Attack On Titan is back and safe to say it is amazing. After what feels like an eternity of waiting its finally here. This is gonna be once again another controversial adaptation due to the anime getting closer and closer to the final chapters of the manga which is hated by a portion of the fanbase. Like adding fuel to fire the decision of spilting part 3 of season 4 into 2 smaller parts pretty much have everyone including myself wondering what the studio is even thinking and tbh I even think that this is just a cheap method of marketing coming from MAPPA. Seriously The Final Season Part 3 Part 2? That just seems ridiculous. However all of that aside its obvious that Quality is always what we care about the most and honestly I think mappa truly nailed it this time. Why you may ask? Well.. As someone who has read the last 9 chapters of the manga there are a surprising amount of animeoriginal content in this episode specifically the Rumbling sequence seeing everyone desperately running for their lives crying screaming and getting trampled on are truly terrifying along with the incredibly eerie music makes this whole sequence send chills down my spine it really shows how devastating the rumbling is and how Eren is committing literal genocide. The pacing of the episode also feels a lot slower and more drawn out than the manga too due to there being lots of new scenes which will be beneficial for the plot overall too. The animation also is very consistent and I didnt spot any badly drawn scene the music that plays during Hanges final fight to buy time for the scouts is pretty emotional. The ODM sequence of Hange killing the colossal titans is probably the smoothest ODM scene that MAPPA has done so far really gives off WITs vibes back in season 1 to 3. They beautifully animated her catching on fire and fell down to the ground sacrificing her life for the Scouts to move on. The Paths scene was also great MAPPA truly took their time to drew even the smallest details like the branches of the Paths trees making it look a lot like the manga. The whole episode overall is beautifully taken care of in basically every frame and I truly think people need to chill with the hate towards MAPPA not talking about them overworking their staffs sure this whole spilting up the final season is ridiculous and such but if this is the end product then honestly I dont really mind. Really hope the staffs working on aot are getting enough rest because its surprising how good this episode came out despite their tight as fuck work schedule. This is undeniably the best season of aot so far. Looking forward to the 2nd half this episode was a rollercoaster of emotions.
100 /100
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