Short Review ( still good though!)
This review not only designated to this series but to the other 2 seasons that come after.

The Pros to 'Little Busters!'

  1. As you progress through the series, the characters starts to grow on you. Each time they reveal a secret from their past, you cant help but to think "I know how you feel" and "I understand".
  2. The background music is quite soothing.
  3. Teaches us that friendship is quite important.
  4. In 'Little Busters!' it not also teaches us that friendship is important, but also shows us that "everyone needs a friend".

    Little Busters! Is one of those hidden gem anime that waits to be discovered. Although JC Staff was that anime production company in charge, I think they did quite well. Although it was quite disappointing that a dramatic scene from a 24 minute episode only to be resolved in 4 minutes. Compared to its big brothers 'Clannad', Little Busters is miles away. Negativity aside the anime displayed good comic relief, nice music and the multiple colorful characters. Overall, this anime was quite heartwarming and taught every viewer that friendship is the greatest medicine for a troubled heart.

    Want a good drama anime? Watch it
    Do you have a ticket to the feels train? ALL ABOARD
    Do you want a clear understanding of what is a friend, and what is not? Watch it by all means.

"People can never truly understand each other! That's why we communicate and try to understand. We can only understand ourselves through being with others!"- Riki Naoe


80 /100
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