Dackno's Review of - One outs

The idea of watching an animation of a sport you'd not see me on the end of a remote, sat on my couch with an ice cool beer chugging away to is a little worrying. Is it because it's an animated gloss over of the real thing that i compromised so much? Well not exactly.

First of, One Outs is a psychological sports anime. It focuses more on the strategy behind each ball pitched, every bat swung and delves into the minds of those playing the ball game. The main character is a

mastermind to everything that happens. He seems to have an answer for everything and thinks through all of the possibilities that some ordinary Joe's would not pick up on.

and for that i believe makes this sports anime a sub category of its own, granted every sport has a psychological aspect to it but this one really does make it it's own.

I feel that the anime did exactly what it intended to do. Show the high intensity of the game, the psyching out of player to player and expose the cheats in the system. It mimics the level of the game and how easy a game can go in anothers favor.

If you do get a chance to watch this i would highly recommend doing so. It was suggested to me and i am glad that i watched it. It has introduced me to sport anime and now i feel that it won't be my last. I gave One Outs 8/10 as i felt that it was a good series but had it a little more focus on some of the other characters and not be entirely centered on Tokuchi it may have gotten a little higher in my books. Still a great show and it's a shame that MAD-HOUSE haven't adapted it further?

87 /100
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