I have mixed feelings about this work.
For starters if your familiar with Narita's works such as Baccano! or Durarara!! then the story structure would be all too familiar. Which unfortunately results in a lack of tension since you know that in all likely-hood no one will end up dying. As well that the entire conflict would most likely be resolved in the end. In an event that would involve most of the characters encountered thus far.
But setting that aside damn are the characters great. There is no one in the cast that I really dislike... (with the exception of that Melhilm bastard) and the cast bounces so nicely off each other, that it's just pure pleasure to read. I mean for crying out load one of the most awesome, calculated and energetic characters is the Lord of the village's Castle and is often call the lord of the night. He worked as the leader of the Organization, which is the biggest known gathering of vampires. His name is Viscount Gerhardt von Waldstein and he is just a sentient pool a blood that is able to control it's self with telekinesis. Other Vampires include flowers, pumpkins, arachnids, chihuahua, robots, and even an officer of the organization Nick named "The Deep deep deep Blue" who is a Megalodon vampire. Other "more human" characters are plentiful and make up most of the cast, but in terms of personality they can be just as "out there". The most remarkable thing about this work is how such crazy characters can seem so... how would I put it... "real" not in terms of there nature, but how they interact with the world, how grounded they seem and just how much their arcs are able to engage you. I swear Narita should work as character designer and dialog writer for like everything. But as good as the characters are and as griping as their individual arcs tend to be my thoughts are that the cast is just a bit too big be easily manage. Especially when the Organization, which consist of over 300 officers decides to have a meeting.

Overall I like these novels a hell of a lot, but i can't help feeling that with such a "dark" world involving murderous vampires and vampire eaters (vampire hunters) that it's a bit of a loss opportunity for Narita to cut back and give a Game of Thrones like treatment to the over-size cast. None the less, GIVE ME MORE VAMP!

85 /100
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