425https://animephproject.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/hayatethecombatbutler.jpg As with any review minor spoilers will be present. Theyll be marked with a spoiler tag. Introduction Hayate no Gotoku HnG written and drawn by Kenjiro Hata is very much a standard harem romcom though the premise is quite unique. Highschooler Ayasaki Hayate gains a 150 million yen debt due to his gambling parents. Running away from yakuza he tries to kidnap a very rich ojousama Sanzenin Nagi who mistakenly believes him to be confessing to her. He ends up saving her from other kidnappers causing her to fall in love with him and hire him as her personal butler along with paying off his debt. Story Writing 22/33 HnG is very much your typical haremromcom. Hayate finds himself the center of attention of several girls while remaining completely oblivious to their affections at least for the most part. HOWEVER rather than being a detriment to the story it in my opinion works very well and is one of the few times a harem manga isnt terrible. Drama exists though isnt the focus of the manga but rather simply a byproduct of the harem genre. HnG at its core is a comedy with romantic elements. Some chapters and arcs can be more focused on drama and romantic relationships though as a whole the jokes and references found in the series are its main appeal. This is where Hatas writing style is either something you hate or love. Hell write one chapter thats entirely comedy lacking any seriousness then the next would be a dramafest aiming for the kokoro and then transitioning straight back into another pure comedy chapter. Personally I find this enjoyable as it keeps the manga fresh though I know some may not find this to their liking. Characters 25/33 Characters are where this manga really shines. While there is a large cast of characters Hata does a very good job of fleshing them all out. Even the minor ones that would normally just disappear after their appropriate screentime often are seen and written on at several points. However it should be noted that as HnG is a comedy deep and tragic backstories drama and other attributes seen in many romcoms arent present or are masked with the mangas characteristic comedy. Not to say it makes the characters any more shallow it just lacks much of the more serious elements found in deep character creation. Art 23/33 As with any lengthy manga series art styles can drastically evolve as is the case with HnG. Its early art is quite plainly good but not amazing. Though considering the series first serialized in 2004 it is very typical of the art seen in many other manga series at the time. The past few years of its serialization are where the art style is at its best. Its sharp clean and overall very good. Conclusion All in all HnG is a very good read if youre into comedy with aspects of romance. At moments the story can get ridiculous or even stupid however HnG never strays away from its core.
70 /100
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