This is the new show from Studio 3 Hz (the Flip Flappers studio) in cooperation with Actas (The studio behind Girls Und Panzer). It was directed by Masaki Tachibana, character designs from Yukie Akiya, and Kouhaku Kuroboshi. Oh yeah and the OST was composed by Yuki Kajiura! Which is also huge! The music is fantastic in this show!

This show so far is THE show of the year for me besides Little Witch Academia (which is my top top top)

This show, and the way it plays out gives me the sorta vibes I WANTED from old murder mystery shows, books, ect. Like Sherlock and so forth. It has the raw, heartless always thought I’d get from those shows… And I love it! The way they play out strategies is great too! It sends me back to when I watched Code Geass and how hype some of Zero’s plans were once they all came together. They avoid cliche with them quite well too! In a lot of situations they back themselves into corners in certain situations that only very witty writers could find ways out of… I’ll use a vague example. A bad person gets into a one on one competition with one of the spies, and before it starts he sabotages one of the weapons. Rather than doing the very cliche (weapon switch) that would usually spin odds into the protag’s favor, they find their way to work through the issue. The only "issue" I'd see people having with it is the use of CGI 3D models... And to that I see your point... But with the fact that Actas worked on Girls Und Panzer in mind I was able to put aside said moments quite quickly.

Basically what I want to get across is that I'm really into it, and that you should give it a chance.

90 /100
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