It’s here! It’s finally here. It is out, we are watching it, and it is the best anime I have ever watched in my life. The best action anime I’ve ever watched too. It’s the greatest strong strong beefy huge gigantic ten out of ten strong swag.

Good anime. Great anime. Excellent anime. Fantastic, amazing, wonderful, marvellous, nothing but the best, perfect series.

One of the best parts about this series is the voice acting. There’s nothing that gets me going more than hearing the sound of Guts yell in as manly a voice as possible while he’s cutting people up.

Just the sound of the blade coming into contact with flesh really gets me hot. In fact, Guts in general gets me hot.

The way in which Guts is animated really shows off his body and muscles to utter perfection.

He really is the quintessential hunk of muscle.

It’s not a surprise that he’s one of the most popular characters, specifically men, across all of anime. Who wouldn’t have sex with him?

I mean,

Me, THE God of Gamers, the three hundred and thirty third, aka TheGeometricGoblin(333), personally, I think about it constantly.

The use of CG is less than desirable but overall it enhances the Berserk viewing experience. I feel as though this series should be studied in animation classes.

I probably would have picked a different studio to work on this project entirely, however. Perhaps KyoAni would have been able to really capture the authenticity of Berserk.

I still think it’s a weird choice that Guts is voiced by Kana Hana though.

But otherwise, this is perfect.

100 /100
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