Barakamon has always been the most favorite comedy anime ever because I admit the comedy can get the punchline and the story despite being just a slice of life its so funny if you watch it. In the summer of 2016 a prequel from Barakamon entitled Handakun was airing. Both anime I can say its very funny according to myself who still enjoy or not I can say that Handakun is a slight comedy with funny humor. But can Handakun be as interesting as Barakamon or more interesting if you watch? For myself Im a little enjoy all the episodes including the opening scene from the first episode. In this scene on the first episode Handa fanatics who call them Handa forces or something like that discuss to create an anime about Handa. In a way its a bit of a breaking the 4th wall in it although I guess this scene doesnt make me laugh because I think its a bummer. Still carrying with the same traits as in Barakamon Sei Handa is a closed person and consider that people around him are getting hated. He ends up keeping his distance from talking to the people around him. Takao Kawafuji who filled by Kazuyuki Okitsu although in Barakamon is voiced by Suwabe Junichi he is also present in the support character for Sei Handa. If I look at it from every corner some of its characters are the trigger of the core problem. In the first episode Juri and Maiko Mori experience a mellow story that culminates in a misunderstanding but is settled composedly by Sei Handa. However these two characters immediately disappear from this anime as if this character like just a cameo only. Although the resemblance of this appearance is almost the same as Handas mother Handa Emi Im not too concerned about her because shes just a cameo in here. In addition this anime uses a longrunning gag that all episodes are almost same and makes no difference at all. In my opinion some are funny but the rest of all fails to make me laugh because of this cliche and predictable comedy. I know that this anime is just a slice of life that uses a light comedy and humor thats easy to understand but Havent You Heard? Im Sakamoto and Tanakakun is Always Listless are the two similar and distant anime but its better than this anime. The art can be said to be very average for a slice of life anime with slight comedy like this. So Im not very judgmental here. The opening and the ending song also I think is very mediocre. As in Barakamon the opening song is a rock genre but in this anime I dont think if its opening song and the anime can fit because this is something heavy metal from the others. Imagine if something very lightweight is combined with something that doesnt match or imagine if an anime that has a romance genre using a metalcore or hardcore as an opening song. It may seem strange but as a person who really likes metal music Im a little nice to hear this song. But I also admit that Handas struggle to make himself comfortable is very painful or I can say his struggle to realize that hes not being hateful. For the ending of this anime story I think you can guess it because for me its pissed me off when I remember it again. Do you have to watch Handakun if you watch Barakamon? I guess it could be because you dont need to watch either or if you like them you can watch them. Handakun to me is an anime that uses the same comedy in every episode so the interest of enjoyment is dropped. However Im enjoying when watching an anime like this especially if this is a slice of life things. Although not as good as Barakamon Handakun can be said as an anime I recommend for those of you who want to look for comedic anime with light humor.
80 /100
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