Real girl is like a real life story for most hitting reality with what life was like for most otakus during the early years of there life. This show is a bit fast when it comes to the story but I dont feel it was rushed or anything that leads to poor product nor confusion to the viewer making this one of my top animes for spring 2018. The animation is very solid and smooth making it enjoyable to watch its not to out there and is nice as just a weekly episode. you dont feel like your left with a cliff hanger and waiting a whole week before you can see it again its a easy to leave and pick back up again anime which a nice change the story is solid and probably my most enjoyed part of this anime the characters are a little hollow to be honest but then again im only on the 4th episode. this anime hits in a real soft spot for most i think playing on the real life story of a otaku in high school being shunned and disregarded as a human being simply for the person he is and for the things he likes. its real its accurate and its the blatant truth that makes this such a unique and good anime. i love how this anime shows the true side of most otaku as well. weird shy and not all out going but they are also good people loving caring determined and very kind there just a little awkward to show it. this anime reminds me of my high school days of being bullied shunned mistreated and pushed away from others spent alone but it wasnt all necessary bad making this so realistic i just wish i had a Igarrashi in my high school years aswell. Animation: 7/10 Story: 8/10 Characters: 7/10 Atmosphere: 8/10 Realism: 9.5/10 Final Verdict
83 /100
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