Even though the shounen genre may have been overrated sometimes by the anime community itself and me myself hated it being a repeated concept in the industry FullMetal AlchemistBrotherhood showed me what this kind of genre really is capable of. I see shounen as being just nonstop action and hype with main characters generically and always striving to be the best like this or the best like that while this show isnt just about a story of an underdog trying to attain something. And hell nor it may have overpowered protagonist where every female bitches is falling inlove with them. And yes I see this show great as well because its not just about the story of the main characters itself but as the camera takes you away from the protagonist which are the Elric Brothers you can see that every character lines on this show is being progressed as if it in a very realistic manner. When one moves also everyone does. AND I ALSO FORGOT THIS SHOW HAS THE LEAST BIT OF PLOTHOLES ON IT SO YOU WILL NOT BE TROUBLING YOURSELF FROM ANALYZING EACH BITS OF IT. IN FACT ITS CLOSE TO BEING FLAWLESS. Story 10/10 Now the story basically takes place on two brothers Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric committing a forbidden action in alchemy which one must not act also called as human transmutation or reviving someone from the dead. They want to revive their mother Trisha Elric who overworked herself because of solitude. They basically tried to commit this taboo and seemingly they receive nothing but a painful punishment from Edward being taken his legs off and Alphones his whole body. And now the overall goal of the main characters is to basically find the philosophers stone which is capable of returning both of their bodies back. Little does they know that this stones has a lot of mysterious components in that makes the story captivating and amazing. From the first episode you can already tell that the story is going somewhere deep and mysterious that every viewer may have not been predicting. The shows starts of a little bit lighthearted and comedic because some of its scenes are animated cartoonishly but as you pass halfway through the series the comedies are being reduced not abruptly but with ease and youll be starting to wander the world of alchemy. The story is well written not just because of how it transitions its lightheartedness but also because of its fast paced plotline the mysteries the emotions the satisfaction and most of all the action. Its just one of those shows blended with other genres as well but staying consistent on its roots. Characters 10/10 How do you make a nice plot? Well develop a good and consistent character. And FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood exactly does that. If its a villainthen its a villain. If the character is like this then it wont change from insignificant reasons. This show does that well that every characters in this show is somewhat significant and engaging with the plot and not a single one of them can be considered as trash. Not the trash I mean that has poor character but trash as in being disposed. You see one problem of fiction stories here is that they introduce a character and after they fulfill their respective roles on the show they will just be forgotten and disappear like they never exist you see TRASH. While on the other hand instead of just being forgotten this show made it so that every character is still engaging with one another and not being completely forgotten about. And with that its a big advantage on the show because it made the plot a lot more realistic and lessen a lot of plot holes. And also the bad guys here are very well written. The 6 sins excluding greed made it so that every viewer needs to be fulfilled with various kinds of bad guys. And of course the main antagonist was wellwritten as well clearly stating his ambitions within the show. All in all the characters here were all just great and fantastic. Ohh.. Here are may favorite characters on the shows. Well of course Ill consider the protagonists the Elric Brothers I dont think I need some explanation in that or some clarification. Roy Mustang: Because he has this genius side on him staying true to his dream as the Fuhrer President even though holding immense amount of capabilities he still didnt use it for something evil. Lin Yao and Greed: They made it seem so that being greedy isnt really a sin. Van Hohenheim who doesnt like a bad ass father? Sound 9.7/10 The sounds in this show were clearly also a masterpiece. Ill divide it into three parts though so that its organize the OST OP and ED and the voice acting and usage of Sound Effects. Opening And Ending 10/10 The 5 Openings was really great and unique that it hit every viewer hard so that they couldnt forget the show just like that. Each opening has their unique sounds and all were not just generic JPOP Rock but also something emotional and sad that it can pierce through my heart when watching emotional portions of the show. I love how they made the 5th Opening more soft and not rock as the show is really engaging not just actions and hype but also something more emotional as the show seems to be ending and every character who just suffered in the show will have an end to it. The first opening also has a soft touch to it introducing each characters while rapping but with no flashy instruments used the rap was intense but the production was made more like an acoustic and with no EDM beats or something which is really fantastic. The Ending songs was all average to me but they do the job perfectly so I wouldnt mind it specifically and just give a 10. OST 9/10 Perfect tracks on perfect moments although nothings new is grabbing me though since all were just doing the job fine but not exceeding my expectations. But I think they were great pieces its just theyre a little bit too bland. But still as I said perfect timing on perfect tracks. Voice Acting and Usage of Sound Effects 9.8/10 I wouldnt mind the Japanese if they made minor mistakes on voice acting the show hell even if they do made some mistakes Ill still be grateful that theyre working hard on this Japanese Cartoons. Well pretty much I dont see some problem in voice acting in particular but I see some minor flaws on the usage of SFX. The sounds were nicely pick its just the timing sometimes could be a little off. Its just subtle but I do notice some of it. Many of it particularly the animation of walking not matching the footstep sound effects. But still it didnt affect the show int the fullest but still Ill reduce the score for it a little bit. Animation 10/10 Ahhhhhh S A K U G A Enjoyment 10/10 Do you expect me not to enjoy a wellwritten action and adventure show incorporated with blending genres and different kinds of emotions with well written characters? Well to be true there may be some point youll be bored in the series. Especially some of the flashbacks but it doesnt really matter because those are all significant to the plot its just anybody would always anticipate action on this show and sometimes they dont give a fuck about the details on how a particular event occured. But still youll enjoy it. OVERALL 10/10 WATCH THIS WHEN YOU DONT HAVE ANY HOMEWORK FOR FIVE WEEKS
100 /100
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