Yu Yu Hakusho is every aspect of shonen anime done right. If youre like most people theres a very good chance that there are at least a few if not several shonen superseries gracing your list as you read this but if Yu Yu Hakusho is not among them you have not yet seen all that a shonen anime can truly be. Writing: Lets get right into the thick of it... Yu Yu Hakushos basic plot is a fairly simple one as is the case for most of its brethren: It establishes a formula and tells you what to expect episode after episode. Yusuke Urameshi a 14yearold delinquent is killed in a car accident and given the opportunity to restore his life on the condition that he become the detective of the Spirit World using his streetfighting prowess in combination with his newlyawakening spirit energy to trounce the bad guys. Simple enough no? As Yusuke faces one case after another however honing his abilities and gaining new allies along the way he is confronted with increasingly perilous situations threatening his own life and those of his loved ones as he faces off against foes friends and even himself. What sets this seriesalong with other works by Yoshihiro Togashi also including Hunter x Hunterapart however is the sheer level of development that takes place in the plotline and in the characters. Yu Yu Hakusho truly is a series that grows upon itself and many of its viewers may find themselves growing with it. Every action has its consequence every character his or her own life and feelings... in particular Yu Yu Hakushos villains are some of the deepest and oftentimes most sympathetic characters youll find anywhere. The series is the perfect length for what it is at 112 episodes starting out in a fairly happygolucky fashion with a new case and a new opponent week after week before expanding into an intricatelywoven tapestry of character relations ulterior motives and a plain old romping good time had through it all. Art: The art is a little dated this being an early to mid90s series but the style is recognizable as being unique to the show and something that any longtime fans of the series would recognize immediately. Many characters shots and effects are wonderfully detailed but as a whole the show doesnt have the most glorious artwork in the world. Is that a problem? I dont think so in the slightest. The art style adds to the charm of this series and makes it that much easier to grow attached to it. Sound: The topic of sound is a very important one. Now normally if the Japanese and English dubs of a show are close enough in quality Ill state as much and leave it to the individual viewer to decide which to partake in. The Japanese dub isnt a bad one but Yu Yu Hakusho is one of those shows where I must heartily recommend the English version over the Japanese. The incredible amount of heart that FUNimation and the cast put into the dub of this series is inspiring and second only to how much fun they had along the way. Many of the lines are modified and adlibbed rather than being fairly direct translations and some characters have been given accents and/or had the pronunciation of their names altered... the first of which I know many people myself included are pretty adamantly opposed to. But in this one case if no others Mr. Justin Cook and crew have so splendidly captured the spirit of the show that watching the English version and the Japanese version are two entirely unique experiences and for what my opinion is worth the English one is where the heart of this series really shines. ...oh and the musics okay too. Bottom line you wont find another series with all the heart growth character development action drama and above all fun wrapped so splendidly in a big red flippanttowardsauthority bow. One Piece isnt a bad competitor but Yu Yu Hakusho isnt quite as cartoony. If you have yet to watch this series I highly recommend you do so and if youre looking for something thats spirited and fun to watch but at the same time powerful and inquisitive I urge you to pick up Yu Yu Hakusho as soon as possible.
100 /100
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