Everyone say it with me: FAILED POTENTIAL. This show had a good chunk of the anime community clamoring for more after the first few episodes. How could a witch flying around on an antitank rifle killing Nazis possibly be a bad thing? Well it turns out that even the most novel or interesting of new intellectual properties can turn to shit given enough time. To be completely fair Izetta was a slow burn when it comes to pure combustion into garbage but I was naive to ignore the signs that showed up as early as the second episode. Overabundance of A1 face character designs steadily increasing amounts of fanservice to the point of absurdity a growing amount of plotconvenient asspulls and a glossing over of the everimportant political interactions this is alternate WW2 after all are some of the biggest shortcomings that this show came to present. The first few episodes were light on these though and Id be remiss if I didnt admit that I had bought into the show entirely at that point. You can check my season previews to see just how excited for it I was and how much promise I thought this series had which it did only for how dejected and sad I am here to tell you how it all turned out in the end. If youre still interested enough in the premise to check this one out just know that although the action scenes are pretty good and well choreographed its not enough to save the show from the stark contrast between them and the political/fanservice/yuribait segments. What do you mean yuribait segments? you might ask. Well this show was determined to incite a lesbian relationship between our two main female characters because it figured that it just couldnt be interesting or welldone enough on its own to warrant selling enough merchandise to make the property profitable. Many a scene of Fin and Izetta laying on a bed or eating lunch together was enough to make me just want to puke with how the series incredibly poor attempt to make this subtle. Lets not even talk about the episode eleven hamfisted euphemism for sex complete with orgasm that not even Disney could have gotten away with without raising eyebrows. Yuri is more than fine in my book but you have to do it right. If youre just going to bait it do it like Hibike but otherwise you better just go full Sakura Trick because everything else is just going to make your product feel like garbage for any normal person to watch. Actually I think thats a great way to sum up my feelings on Izetta as a whole. Its a product and was designed to be that from the beginning. It never had any aspirations of being art like Flip Flappers obviously did and succeeded in. Whats sad is that I dont even think Izetta succeeded in being a successful product with originally great albeit generic visuals and soundtrack grinding to a mediocre halt at about the halfway mark. Id avoid this one unless you really just want to see how the premise plays out poorly and can let the bad stuff roll off. Its the only way youll be able to stomach the rest of this series. For more from this season and others check out my bloghttp://thebeanwolf.blogspot.com/2017/01/fallanimeinreview2016.html
60 /100
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