Ill probably get flamed for this because this show was just so popular but I did not like this show at all nor did I think it was even good. Like I get it the show was trying to be really progressive by having pretty much a legitimately gay couple but I dont even think that was really that crazy considering three other shows this season had pretty blatant lesbian couples or baiting Izetta Flip Flappers Hibike. Yeah that might not have go so far as to show a kiss in the middle of a crowded sports stadium but being bold doesnt really make a show good unless you judge every show you watch on a scale of Tumblracceptance levels. The story in all honesty was pretty typical for that of a sports anime as were all the characters. Yuri is our typical protagonist Yurio is the angry rival etc etc... none of these characters are anything new or novel. I will admit that this show came out of the gate firing aesthetically. The first episode looked like a movie but to say the show couldnt keep this up was an understatement. Skate animation was incredibly good to start but the show did the most heinous thing that anime can do starting about halfway through and thats REUSING FRAMES. From episode six or so to the end the ONLY new piece of skate animation for any of Yuris routines was the quad flip in his last routine with every other piece of animation being reused. I can appreciate the difficulty of animating figure skating but I can NEVER forgive such blatant reuse of frames. There are tons of different angles that could have been explored to keep animation fresh but it honestly felt like I was watching the same episode over and over again throughout the entire second half of the show. The music did almost nothing to add to the hype with Yuris track in particular having an incredible build up and then no substance after the drop disappointing you rather than making his eventual victories feel like well victories. One thing I will praise though is the VA with Yuri in particular having personality in bounds that I wish I heard more in that kind of character. The modesty/skill disparity that Yuris character archetype holds comes off as genuine only because of his VA and not much else. I get why this show was well received but once the season passes and those touting the progressiveness of it move on to the next thing I think that it will be forgotten. In reality its just another Free a show that panders to a very niche market that just ended up luckily getting a good amount of exposure. For more from this season and others check out my blog
40 /100
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