I've recommended this show's predecessor to death, so I'll keep this review brief. The quality of KonoSuba 2 is equal or greater to that of season one, straight up. The characters are still all fucking great, the gags are endlessly hilarious, and the perfect mixture of parody and original content is maintained. There is nothing more entertaining to me this season than watching this dysfunctional group of four have the equivalent of D&D party in-fighting with anime flair. We even got a multi-episode change of scenery with an overarching plot and an incredibly hype climax, which you wouldn't at all expect from a comedy like this. DEEN has the magic formula for an anime comedy that isn't just "anime funny" but transcends into "actually funny", with season two standing alone even in a season where it didn't have one or two serious "trapped in a fantasy world" shows to play off of (season one had Grimgar and Re:Zero). This show is a testament to the fact that you don't need a massive budget or draw dropping cuts to make good anime; you need great characters, good writing, and dedicated staff.

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90 /100
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