Well if season one was good this was just phenomenal. This fits the very definition of masterpiece. An ingeniously told story about the meaning of life determination and potential. Although it started off goofy wacky and above all else comedic it gradually evolved into a show that was so much more than a fun way to kill time. Korosenseis backstory was incredibly powerful. There had been some hints to it in the first season but I definitely did not expect it to have the depth it did. My entire perspective of him changed my understanding of his motivations his personality his struggles his efforts in becoming who he did suffice to say hes now one of my favourite characters. Id even say hes a contender for first place. But it wasnt just Korosensei who was developed. Nagisa Asano Itona and Isogai all got their own place in the spotlight Isogais episode in particular was a great showcase of his abilities as a leader. In fact every character in class 3E got their own time to shine. The sense of camaraderie from the first season reached its pinnacle here by the end of the series you could clearly see how much the entire class cared for each other. They started out as a bunch of oddballs by the end they had become a cohesive and deadly unit. I couldnt help getting drawn in to their struggles and celebrating their triumphs. I loved each and every character by the end. Even the bad guys thats how well they were depicted. One who especially deserves mention though is Kayano. I mentioned in my season one review that I had really been expecting more from a character who was so heavily featured in all the opening themes and treated as an MC when in reality she was hardly shown at all. Boy did I eat my words in season 2. Now I see why she was so important and just how cleverly the anime was put together. Kayano really was a major focal point of the show even though we only see it in season 2 it underlay the entire anime. I cant go into more detail than this because it would cause major spoilers so if youre curious youll have to go watch it yourself.
98 /100
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