Boy am I glad I decided to pick up this anime. Id been looking for something like Saiki K no PsiNan one of my alltime favourites and found this on the list of recommendations. The two anime are actually totally different in many aspects but Hoozuki no Reitetsu definitely filled the void left by Saiki K at least for a little while. The anime was fun to watch it was interesting it had an utterly brilliant and hilarious set of characters and it even ended up teaching me a lot of Japanese folktales and history. Granted there were a lot of references that I either needed to look up or only knew from other anime/manga but that isnt a bad thing so no negative votes on that. Its actually a tribute to the anime that I enjoyed it so much despite likely missing a lot of the references. Okay now to the individual parts of the series. Art/animation not fabulous or anything but appropriate for the type of anime that was being shown. Its a very specific style reminiscent of the old paintings and drawings associated with the folktales themselves. Sound here I do have to say I actually couldnt stand the opening. It was one of the only ones that Ive ever skipped every time in an anime. That is until I found out what it meant and then it just became hilarious. The rest of the sound was great lots of old style music which again fit in perfectly and the seiyuus were fantastic. Hozukis seiyuu in particular managed to capture his character so well. Story very episodic random and sometimes nonsensical. Many of the stories had a Gintamalike feel to them in the way that events unfolded or the way the characters reacted to them and especially due to the amount of wellhandled gag humour. Characters absolutely great. The cast was lively quirky interesting and hilarious. From the bumbling king of Japanese Hell to the whimsical playboy Hakutaku the cast of somehow adorable trainee torturers and especially the utterly deadpan coolheaded yet brutal general secretary Hozuki there will always be someone who is enjoyable to watch. The characters dont really get much in the way of development its more about exploring their lives and the events happening around them than seeing how they grow throughout the series. I guess you could call it a satire or parody of the sliceoflife genre but basically its just a lot of amusing and entertaining insights into the life of an administrator of hell. Exactly what it says. Im not entirely sure who to recommend this to but if you like series with a lot of deadpan humour episodic stories or general randomness like Gintama Saiki K Arakawa Under the Bridge One Punch Man or Nichijou The daily lives of High School Boys try checking this out.
88 /100
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