It was a beautiful indoors day when I decided to check out some of the scores for my favourite animes when I was shocked by the way scores are given on this site a truly century defining anime Utsu Musume Sayuri had one of the lowest achievable scores on this site With an average score of only 20 and a mean score of 18 I was outraged What else could I be this anime shaped me and helped me become who I am today yet people are giving this an awfully low score which will make it even harder for others to find this once in 10.000 years appearing masterpiece. This could very well be the Stonehenge of our modern culture and society With my frustrations out of the way lets get to the actual reviewing of this masterpiece. Utsu Musume Sayuri or better known for its English title: Striking Daughter. This anime may just be a weird and crappy animation which finds its origins in the glorious Nippon but what else is there besides the animation? The animations in this awesome anime are weird to say the least but the story world and character building really do make up for that I will try to not give out any spoilers as this anime does seems to have a few gutwrenching and mindboggling pottwists most of these are probably brushed of as weird stuff those Japanese do but this is not true. The story seems to have some deep messages hidden in the story one of those is minor spoiler the fact that our main heroine Sayuri may just be told to adopt to what the mainstream wants her to be or another to interpret this is the way cults work and capture people. To elaborate In the very beginning all of our characters get introduced Sayuri her mama and papa and Hiroshi If you did not finish it yet this could be a spoiler Hiroshi married into Sayuris family and it does not take very long to realize what is going on Sayuris parents are different they have holes in their mouths these holes could represent the thoughts of what the mainstream wants us to be or what the leader of a cult would want you to think. Sayuri is also a big girl for u and this is pretty apparent every time a scene comes on where she is seen with one or sometimes both of her parents. The fact is that Sayuri is very well aware of this fact and feels insecure yet her parents which again represent either the mainstream or the cult use her to sit and keep pressuring her to strike. Now this is the part where it really comes down to the striking can mean only so much maybe its a ritual to introduce new members in to the cult? Or is it maybe a trait or thing that is common for the mainstream. This part is really where everything comes together the object to get striked may or may not be Hiroshi and what could Hiroshi possibly portray? Hiroshi is never properly seen yet in the very beginning we get to see a small glimpse of the man himself his head seems to be attached in a way to Sayuri but how? Easy its the marrying before the story starts its mentioned Hiroshi is married into the family now what could this mean in the context of the cult and the influence of the mainstream? Sayuri is a person that is probably very young and yet unsure of everything so to get everything in order before she got taken hostage she made a friend and this friend tries to help and warn her from the evil of the mainstream and/or the cult. Another thing is the object or person to get striked is what seems to be chicken what a very square ass yet this square ass has me in a bit of a pinch is this ass this square just to symbolize something again? Or is it perhaps just because of the technology holding back the artists? Another thing is the animals objects and other things in the background that sometimes even have a voice like a cow or the three hands pointing at the square ass these could all just be perceived like this from Sayuris point of view she is very young and has a child like mind yet she is being married and has contact with all these weird things. At last there is the audio the voices are not very different from each other and the speakers have a very thick accent when they speak English it could also symbolize how unifying everything like in this instance a language could prove to be very bad. Also there is a short song at the end but its nothing meaningful and doesnt add anything to the story. The only reason I cant give this masterpiece a 100/100 is because of the length the video conveys a lot in a very short period of time but I feel like if there was just a little bit more time we could learn so much more from Sayuri and her family. We can only hope the makers of this masterpiece will return with a new piece of art.
95 /100
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