Its kinda weird seeing these low ratings for such a stupid anime but thats expected. I feel like this show shouldnt have gotten a below 7 score but I guess too much stupidity really affects it all. Ill say it right now this show is dumb. Like really dumb. But it keeps its fun. I have read the manga and I know the events that are coming out as they unfold but seeing it animated is a beauty to see. Dont take this seriously. If you try to analyze and try to criticize this anime well you will succeed. Youll find a lot of flaws with everything and find it easy to criticize it. This overthetop harem parody anime is somewhat a nice fresh of air as its great to just sit down and laugh your ass off because a comedy like this is quite hard to come by. The story itself is already dumb its about a kiss note clearly not a death note reference right? which allows love to bloom once names have been written and those 2 people kiss. Guri who is the cupid has been put in charge of it. Seiji our main character has been pulled into a situation that any man would die for but it is a living hell. Seijis crush is Akane a yandere who also has feelings for Seiji. Guri writes those 2 names they kiss and boom easy relationship. Things seem to coast along just fine until more girls come in. We have run away Yuzu as well as Best Girl Shikimi. Those names are all written into the harem. Apparently you become immortal once youre written into the book and gain powers which is good cause if not for that trait Seiji wouldve died already. So what happens when Seiji and Akane gets written into a bookOh plus like 3 other girls including Guri? Well you get the harem that you would always want but looking at the anime it would make yo have second thoughts. You gotta feel bad for Seiji at least a little. He has the weirdest harem any man can hope to have and he tries his best to treat them with kindness despite the differences in their personality. But sometimes that kindness doesnt bode well with some of the girls. Of course this anime is not all comedy. There arent certain points of the anime where it gets you thinking and there are like tiny hints of drama in some parts. It takes on the topic with love most of the time and coming to realize what love is and if you have feelings for someone. Its interesting to see how the characters interact with each other in terms of love but you can clearly see some characters trying to decide who they really want but some they seem pretty open about it like very open. With the comedy the slight drama and the romantic realizations Renai Boukun was able to deliver these certain aspects that make the story more enjoyable. Now I was quite surprised to see the studio behind this and they havent done many animes before. Some of their works are shorts and some are just not that good. I was kinda satisfied with their adaptation although not completely faithful in terms of faithfulness or just reorganization which im pretty ok with The art style really gives you a nickelodeon feel for some reason the character design just feels cartoony its so weird XD. But of course I got used to it over the time. But Its pretty average and it stands out quite a bit. The sound track really fits all the scenes that it has. Not to mention the very catchy OP and ED. So I do like the soundtrack but I wish there was more. I did hear some or lots of repeats or maybe thats just me. With Seiji and his harem they need to solve conflicts together and some characters have some thoughts on what their heart really desires. So why should you watch Renai Boukun? Pretty great comedy with many stupid facial expressions Good deliverance with their story and how its presented A Yandere and a Sadist Masochist in one anime A Funny Parody of Death Note Catchy OP ED and overall Soundtrack Touches on the seriousness of Romance Guri is basically a yaoi lover A Pretty Good Harem Series An interesting cast of characters Now of course this anime isnt the best and its pretty average for its case. However this parody harem and comedic type of anime is sometimes a nice catch to come upon. If you happen to like a nice parody serious romance/comedic romance harem yanderes sadists/masochists funny faces or very overthe top humour then sit back relax and enjoy this cluster of madness.
72 /100
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