Grand Blue is probably one of the funniest series I have ever read. With its jokes facial expressions 220 unexpected twists. Grand Blue delivers a whole lot of fun with lots of beer. Its a perfect representation of how life can be unexpected. Like very unexpected at least for Iori. Iori wanted to live a normal college life and thats far from what he gets. He encounters the craziest characters and soon after he becomes one of them. On the surface Grand Blue is a diving manga where the group explores the importance of the sea as well as the necessary requirements to dive into it. I love every character and their interactions. Iori has a knack for honesty. Maybe too much. Then again she does have a nice ass 220 All Grandblue is really is a bunch of people doing stupid stuff while having the utmost of fun Ive never laughed so hard at something more than I had with Grand Blue Of course this is just the main male cast were talking about here. The female cast well... They differ a little bit. See the female cast arent as intense as the males maybe except for one. But the others are more into the diving aspect of things. Chisa Kotegawa is more into diving then anything else. She may be cold towards Iori a lot but she has a soft spot for anyone who is interested in diving. She is a looker too 8 220 When it comes to Grand Blue its not only comedy driven but insanely character driven. Amidst all the comedy can come serious topics and tones where wise decisions must be made. Of course this isnt a central theme for Grand Blue but when it does get to a serious tone it does what it needs too...then goes back to comedy in the blink of an eye. Stupid Ridiculous Fun Hilarious Grand Blue consists of a lot of overthetop situations that for some reason just works as a comedy. Trust me youll have a good time reading this if you ever will. I love the manga to this day and I cannot wait for the anime to come this summer. Itll be a hell of a time. 220 Heres to the upcoming Grand Blue TV anime 220 220
90 /100
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