Reasons to watch Kuzu no Honkai? I dont have any. Then why watch it? Simply because it isnt a cliched romantic comedy albeit the romantic premise is quite cliche itself considering the love triangle but apart from that everything else the series does makes it stand out from the heaps of garbage of rotten romantic slice of life animes. There are 6 main characters though the existence of one of them might be debated to be there for just comic suffering purpose. By the time you are done with the first episode you might question the sanity of the two protagonists or it might even be possible that you question your own sanity for watching something as absurd as Scums wish. But thats exactly what this show is about a scums desire. Faced with unrequited love their only way to ease their suffering and filling the void is through replacement. Replacing the person you desire with someone else and soliciting each other for sexual pleasure that thought itself seem highly unthinkable and preposterous but when emotions become the center of gravity for a plot the line between realistic and unrealistic vanishes. After finishing the second episode i was left with nothing but intense disgust and animosity at their incomprehensible mentality but I think that is what the show was aiming for even if it wasnt it was the type of feeling one need to feel because we are watching the show from their own perspectives. By the sixth episode I actually became interested in what will the characters do next? There is so much selfrealization so many fresh dialogues that you can notice the characters develop trying to break themselves from their shells. Lerche did an awesome job in the visuals the sexual scenes came in strong but it never felt like random fanservice there is pleasure but at the same time there is a repulsiveness for enjoying such scenes. The voice acting was so stunning it never felt out of place even for once The melancholy in the voice of the characters especially of Hanabis really felt soothing and was perfect with the ambience. The opening and the ending are quite good and the osts are just there when needed they really get along well with the mood and the tension between the dialogues. In the end you can see the characters coming to terms with what they did the change that was brought in their personalities and the decisions they made. Overall I totally enjoyed this repulsive at start compelling in the middle and totally satisfying near the end unique slice of life. A total refreshment and worth watching.
100 /100
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