Iblard Jikan is an exposition, Iblard Jikan is a collection of amazing artworks by Naohisa Inoue, If you have 30 minutes, relax with these great visuals full with vivid and various color!

Iblard Jikan is a 30 minutes short anime film produced by Studio Ghibli, but less like anime and more I guess I should say like an art exposition...now I explain why..

Story: There's no story so there's no vote -.- basically there's a girl passing through different scenarious and kinda "futustic" and "dream worlds"..but there's technically nothing and not a single development

Art: I give it a 9, Iblard Jikan is to be seen when you want to relax(maybe in that moment of the day when you're really tired..so at the evening/night returned back home from work)and If you see it in that moment it can really fulfill his task and exceed your expectations for that reasons
because it can offer you a wide variety of amazing, brightly colored and an infinite and amazing palette of those..but the art style fits not only the day shots but also the night shots because of its palette of varied color used from the purple to the yellow/green/lime.....

If you see it for relaxing, when you're tired also this anime can offer you a wide variety of amazing visuals and fantastic settings giving you an amazing travel along with thousand of colors and amazing techniques often different one from another.
Between this settings probably there are some of the best that I have seen just by a design,colour and structural level

These are imaginary worlds, of a futuristic nature or anyway they are some of those worlds that we dream will become reality..in this travel without story, characters and dialogues we're going to explore them together with an amazing soundtrack..that fits perfectly the atmosphere of each setting and personally I didn't even notice those 30 minutes of "short movie"..as they pass pretty fast

The various painting made by Naohisa Inoue are destined to different collection that are presented in different sections of the short film..each one of the section presents a different biome(or almost) and the transition from one side to the other is done along with the ost

Music: infact I give an 8 to the music
Animation: They are the big flaws of Iblard Jikan..they are basically non-existent since it's a collection of artwork -.-..except for simple vehicles movements and background characters..infact these settings and the well drawn background are shown to the viewer with only still frames(or almost)
A part that I hated is like a 30 second's part where a giant flying insect is done with a terrible looking cgi that doesn't go well with the background and doesn't fit at all
Also the vehicles are done with the same technique but they are not as bad as that insect

Enjoyment: I give it a 7..It was able to relax me a little bit
Overall: I give it a 7.. In spite of everything..I give Iblard Jikan a "Give it a shot..relax mode" recommendation..you absolutely have to watch only for that purpose..maybe the evening when you're lying on your bed and you're going to fall asleep :D

P.S: Sorry for my bad english anyway thanks for reading till here, I'll try to improve so please stay tuned!

70 /100
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