Onkyo Seimeitai Noiseman is a Short Movie of around 15 minutes. It was produced by Studio 4C an inventive and creative studio that I must say is composed of a capable and interesting staff. Plot: In short it is about Noiseman a synthetic lifeform that erased music and sounds from the airwaves Story: I give it a 7..Overall its good infact it presents in a span of 15 minutes a really interesting story and setting revolving around the power of society and wordsthis is how I interpreted it. but in a strange way the ending song helped me to think in that way although Its good it is like a short movie because with a lot of scenes Noisen can change tone and pretty quickly but not giving you a perfect explanation of what its doing you have to interpret it by yourself..although it is not complete at all..in a 15 minute time they did a great job I call it a movieshort movie because It is really fast paced infact in 15 minutes it change scenes from beginning to flashback to normal to development to end in a way that gave me some incredible vibes Art: I give it an 8... It is probably the best part of this short along with the music and effects and it fits the tone and atmosphere of the anime I love the shots too..how they pass to a scene with a dramatical tone and one with a pumped up tone I just love Masaaki Yuasa direction in art too and it fits perfectly what I was thinking about this short..It certainly add some good vibes to it The character design is perfect too The best parts are when the visuals are on drugs..just because Masaaki Yuasas ability to deform forms is incredible and so in situations where there are a lot of strange things going on his works are the best for that parts Sound and Music: I give it a 9 why? Because I loved it and because of Yoko Kanno outstanding music in generalSo I give it a plus just because of him listen to Yoko Kanno The creation to give you an idea of what this man is capable of..the ending theme made me think about some things that helped me reach a conclusion the music along with the story change tone every time :D it even stops out of nowhere to follow what is going on in the different situationsAnd that is the best thing about this movie along with music of very different genres Character: They didnt explore much the characters but its interesing Noiseman and his seach of the crystals they dont have the time to shine and because of that I give it a 6or almost 6 Enjoyment: I give it a 7 because I surely enjoyed a bit..the music the plot the fast pacing and the artwhich I love are enough to pass a good quarter of hour Overall: I give Onkyo Seimeitai Noiseman a solid 7/7.5 and I advise you to check out this interesting work..it takes you just 15 minutes and theyre worth for me
70 /100
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