When you watch some anime and you look at the cover the synopsis and think Well this looks promising. I wanna try this one. All of that is just the first impression at the beginning of the episode and the rest of all are just a boredom that you have to push yourself or consider that to immediately drop the anime. Well in a nutshell Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo Shounen Tanteidan yori is an anime that falls into the category an anime which Ive put this in my ash and start to watch it when I last saw and found it dusty. This is not an action with psychological thriller or shounen that has been mainstream in pop culture but this is nothing more than an anime which fails in terms of storytelling and enjoyment. Its just a bunch of teenage kids who are playing as a spy like spy kids. Nothing else to be compared to some of your favorite. The story consists of three phases: the pledge the turn and the prestige but nothing without a goal for the prestige. This is not Christopher Nolans stuff or anything that relates to him but the narrative style is pretty similar to that but fails at the prestige. First of all the story focuses more on Yoshio Kobayashi someone without identity a past a friend who have mysterious powers when approaching something or touching someone it will hurt. The story will walk walk and walk away until it meets with one of the supporting characters Kensuke Hanasaki a member of boys detective club formed by Kogorou Akechi. When they were both meets Hanasaki promised that one day he would kill Kobayashi just as Kobayashi wanted to eagerly in demand but eager to die. The beginning of the story seemed like a filler from a collection of detective stories that trying to complete the mission given by their client to the turn well be introduced by the antagonist called the twenty faces who for no apparent reason want to play with Akechi. Its not a plot holes because the story will run continuously until it will explain the background of each character. The prestige fails miserably when the story wants to build the tension and provides a bit of suspense and twist at the climax. But we never know what happens next. Spoiler alert is Nakamura captured or not? Did Akechi and the twenty faces die or just disappear? Why doesnt anyone care about them when before the climax focuses more on these two characters that run from the main story? No one knows because this is what makes everything is torn and there will never be the prestige and conclusion. Nothing I could just say with the art because it doesnt look unique or there is something great in my eyes. However its also an irony when two big studios that made Amaama to Inazuma and D.Grayman have no intention of working on this one anime. There is no intention at all to put a lot of effort or feeling to do this thing. Cant they make an anime like that or are they just being driven to do it? Theres nothing more I can say for the art visuals and animation because nothing can interest me anymore. For the soundtrack Im going to give a little great review on this aspect because GACKT exists in this anime. Kimi dake no Boku de Iru kara and Tsumi no Keishou: Original Sin are not too memorable but is great because its rock. Unmei Dilemma and 1HOPE SNIPER by Azusa Tadokoro are either same. GACKT also fills the voice of the twenty face. Its put a great expectation but not too memorable along with other seiyuu. Daisuke Ono as Kogorou Akechi looks promising but doesnt show too much like the characters hes filled in. Azusa Tadokoro also in addition to singing the opening and ending songs she also fills the voice of Nao Nakamura but I dont need any review from the seiyuu. The characters are just beyond too far when it comes to the development. Everything is just a good impression on the introduction at the beginning the pledge. Kobayashi Hanasaki Akechi the twenty faces Inoue all look reliable at the beginning. However this anime always deviates from the main story. You can say that the beginning of the story focuses on the relationship between Kobayashi and Hanasaki. However the main focus always runs and moves from one character to another. At the turn the story will focus more on Akechi the twenty faces and their past until later the author will drop the twist bomb thats not too shocking. The development characters are the worst of all. You can see when watching this anime until the end the characters are always out of characters and it have bad scripts. As in the relationship between Kobayashi and Hanasaki are forgotten in the middle of the story when they both promise a thing. Its just beyond my expectation where Im more expecting something like Kyoukai no Kanata has the same premise about two main characters that are continuous but the anime can still be seen from the other side. Its not like this anime that forgets everything. The pace is bad which means its so hard to keep it up with the story the characters and everything. To be honest the first impression is just promising at the pledge to the turn phase where everything slowly begins to disappear and lose the sensation of being able to overcome your anxiety. Nothing interest in the conversation the characters who always disregard their respective roles and two studios that failed to attract any attention. My rant is not too enough to put away this thing but I just feel pity for them and me. Nope I didnt feel like that. Trickster is one of the anime that had a good impression at the beginning but failed in the middle until the end. Its weird when my review of this anime I used three stages from Christopher Nolans or Christopher Priests The Prestige. But it looks like it does and this anime fails to tell the way it does. The plot twist is too sassy the characters which are always out of character and lost their role two big studios that make a mediocre animation have a bad pace and the characters development is also so bad. Theres nothing more I can say about Trickster but its not as bad compared to Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. Both of them has the same level of what something bad always worse.
60 /100
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